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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Spoke too soon...

I am certain that Calgary is attempting to get all of it's annual snowfall in this week alone. Nothing like getting it out of the way at once! Yes, it is still snowing. Granted, it's really light right now, but that is meaningless when I look at the good 2-3 inches out on the sidewalks again. Oy, my aching back!! Just finishing up a coffee and this post and then I'm going to have at 'er. The good news is I have an appointment to get my winter tires put on tomorrow afternoon, so that should mean no more snow till spring!! LOL!

Friday, I went shopping for Mom. Took my little sports car out and braved the roads, as she was out of the "essentials"...and by essentials, I mean cookies, jelly beans, vodka and cigarettes! Hell, she's 74 years old...if she wants to drink, smoke and eat nothing but sugar, power to her! Although that also meant NINE phone calls from her (5 in a 10 minute period) to tell me she needed smokes (3 calls), word search books (2 calls), vodka (2 calls) and to pick up a pizza for supper (2 calls). Got home from work and after making my own list (for the Epicure party I was having on Saturday), I went out and started the car. My Baby Girl starts very well in the cold, considering she is over 20-years-old. And people laugh that I still drive her. Anyway, off to Coop first, for the food. Then the liquor store across the parking lot for the vodka. The smokes were going to be a challenge, because I don't smoke and I know you can't buy them anywhere pharmacies operate (hence the grocery store)...I figured a gas station would have them, and I was right, although dude didn't have the carton Mom wanted...just got her what they had. Lastly, I drove around in circles trying to remember where the Panago pizza was near Mom's. Finally found it and ordered a New York Deli, because I know that's one she likes. Next time I'll get one with actual vegetables on it!!!! This one was all meat! Good...tasty...but all meat. Got home, and started on some of the stuff for the party, and then went to bed. I had an early start on Saturday.
Up and at 'em and out of the house bright and early, to get my hair cut! It's only been 6 weeks, but my evil hairdresser slipped some kind of fertilizer into the conditioner he wants me to use, because holy long and scraggly!!! It is now short, short, short! I can see my ears, my neck, my eyes! Heck, I can see!!! And all grays have been eliminated once again...take that you ugly silver hairs! I will, by the way, be staying blond for the rest of my life...grew up naturally brunette, have been a redhead of various shades over a great number of years, went totally dark (not quite black, but almost) for a year or two, but this is by far my favourite colour on me. It makes me smile.
Also got my eyebrows done, so I look sleek and sophisticated for the Christmas -oops "End of Year" celebration next week. I've tried to shape my own brows and I suck...I defer to the professionals! She did a lovely job, and then because of a special, I also had a mini manicure yesterday. The nails are cleaned up and shaped, although they are really short due to my rule of "two of you break, you're all coming off" and I hate fake nails. Had them for years and the damage they did to my actual nails has taken eons to correct.

Got home for the spa 3 hours later and started on the party fixings...I made (using Epicure products, of course) pumpkin cheesecake with maple pumpkin spiced pecans, turkey meatballs with sage & apple dressing and blanc de blanc wine jelly glaze, extraordinary cheese dip (a lovely hot mash of cream cheese, shredded cheddar & mozzarella, mayo, Cheese Chives & Bacon dip, Lemon Dilly dip and 3 Onion dip), feta and Roasted Red Pepper dip, Pesto Artichoke dip with spinach and parm cheese, Curry dip, French Onion dip and Louisiana Hot and Spicy dip. The hostess supplies the dippers, I supply the dips! The party went really well, considering the temps and roads out there. Going to wrap it up on Wednesday, when the hostess gets to go on a shopping spree! I just make my money to pay for my tires! Good thing I can write that kind of stuff off.
I was thinking of going shopping for a dress for the party on Friday, but instead I reached wwwwaaaaayyyyy into the back of my closet and found a dress from years past. It fits, quite nicely, and will do just fine. Basic black, which I will pair with a burgundy pair of shoes, for that nice splash of colour. So other than having to go to Mom's and actually get my tires, I'm housebound for the day. Going to watch the football game (Calgary vs. Saskatchewan for the Western final and see who goes to the Grey Cup (Canada's version of the Super Bowl)) and think about something nice and warm/homey for supper. I have some salmon thawed, so it will definitely involve that. Just haven't decided what to do with it yet. I will have to figure something out.
Okay...I've wasted enough time. I seriously have to go tackle those walks. Since I chose to sleep in this morning, rather than go to run club, I must get in some sort of cardio for the day.

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