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Monday, November 8, 2010

Sleepy thoughts

I always seem to forget how long it takes me to get used to it being dark so long in the morning and so early in the evening...times like this, I just want to be a bear, all snuggled in my den with a full belly, snoozing. Instead, reality insists that I work and such. Blah. This too will pass, as I just need to adjust.

Didn't really do much exciting at work...same old Monday routine. Came home and threw some chicken in the slow cooker for a quick meal. Was that just an oxy-moron?! Anyway, after searing a couple of chicken breasts in a frying pan, I put them in the hot slow cooker. Then I deglaced the pan with a can of cream of mushroom soup and a couple of good tablespoons of Epicure French Onion dip mix (way more better for you than the powdered soup versions) and some S&P. Dumped that on top of the chicken and let it burble away while I puttered around the house. Finally got hungry enough to boil up some egg noodles (the yolkless ones) and poured the now very well cooked chicken and "gravy" on top. It was quite delicious and oh, so simple!

I am fighting to stay awake, so I think that means I'm going to go to bed. One of my greatest battles is getting enough sleep, and it is completely starting right now...if I am tired, I am going to bed. Period.
And dream of being here full time.


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