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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Flashback to Thursday

Realized that I didn't talk about the Rethink Breast Cancer Romp that I attended Thursday night. The wife of one of coworkers asked that I donate an Epicure basket of goodies to their silent auction, and for my efforts, they gave me a ticket to the event. I got dressed up, but not as a Superhero (which was the theme), and went down to O Haute Cuisine, located by work. It was a little unnerving to go by myself, but I knew that T. was going to be there, and then I would get to meet his wife as well (so far, we had only communicated by emails). I felt like I had walked into a life taping of "Real Housewives of...". There were quite a few ladies with way too much hair, way too much make-up, way too little outfits and way too much alcohol. All I can hope for is that it meant loads of money spent on the auction, therefore benefiting the cause!! It was crowded and HOT! But I did bid on a couple of items (I had a budget...sadly missed out on a beautiful painting) and came home as the proud owner of a bunch of Starbucks stuff...I know...completely out of character for me!! LOL!!! Had a couple of glasses of red wine, watched the cartoonist turn everyone into a superhero, realized that I didn't need to waste time getting ready, as I could have had both my hair and make-up done there (details, T!), and enjoyed some nice little appies (mini-quiches that I would have mud-wrestled someone for, cheese stuffed tomatoes and some sweets as well), and after I paid for my "winnings" I took my leave (around 10pm). Came home with a nice swag bag as well, with some coupons, more treats and such. A nice night...I'd go again next year, but hopefully will be able to go with a group...more fun when you actually know people there.

The good news is I went after boot camp, which I really need to focus on, as my weight was up again. Tried to buy a tracker book, as my spreadsheet seems to have gone the wayside, but with the new program pending, Weight Watchers has nothing to sell right now. This truly pisses me off...if it ain't broke, stop fricking fixing it!!! Argh!!! And of course, it's all got to be a big secret...ooooo...there's a change coming December 6th but we're not allowed to breathe another word about it. What.the.frick.ever!! It's going to be the exact same thing, just called something different, so we can all run out and buy all the new books (again) and the new programs (again) and the new everything (again)...till the next time!!! If I didn't heart my leader Faye so much and I wasn't such a stubborn boot, I'd be out of there so fast. Grrrr...

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