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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Didn't make it down for running club tonight, as I wanted to make sure Mom had groceries, and dropped off an Epicure order to a friend I haven't seen in eons. Had a nice glass of wine and a gab, but sadly I am very allergic to her very friendly dog, and had to bail early. Face is now clean, drops in the eyes, sinuses cleared out, although I do have "puppy head"...feeling kind of foggy and fuzzy 'round the edges. I'll take an antihistamine if need be before I go to bed, but things are settling down now that I've moved away from the source. It's silly really...I am technically allergic to everything I inhale, making spring, summer, fall and winter oh so much fun, and yes, that includes cats, but I am used to mine. Dogs, sadly, I am never around that much, so when I am...yikes.

Yesterday's boot camp was another hour of pure torture. I did dress more appropriately this time, so I was only half soaked to the skin with sweat!! Started with a couple of laps around the block before moving inside. There, Trainer Josh had his "super number 1 good times" circuit set up! Think Spanish rings...outside ring - sets of 15. Start with swing squats, lunge walk to lat raises, lunge walk to drop-leg flies, lunge walk to squat presses...repeat two more times. Move to next ring...quick feet down ladder (in/out), then skaters over next ladder (think speed skating on dry land), then hop or high knees over hurdles. Repeat 3 times, then drop and do 15 push-ups. Repeat this whole mess 2 more times! Finally the inner ring...15 squats, 50 jump ropes, 15 biceps curls with bands, repeat 2 more times. If you finished them all, start all over! Are you nuts?!?!

After a quick rest (we went hard for a good 30+ minutes with this routine), we did some more shoulder work, triceps work, core work, abs...I wanted to just lay there and wait for someone to sweep me out to my car! But sadly, I had to get up and come home.

Dinner was a simple grilled cheese, as I went for a grocery run right after boot camp, and by the time I got home, I really didn't feel like eating much. Tonight...honestly I can't think of what I ate. Oh, yeah...crab & corn salad. Okay, so not crab, but fake stuff (pollack), tossed with corn niblets and mayonnaise. That's salt, no pepper, no spices. There's a restaurant down the road that serves this, and I love it, and this is what I have figured out to be in it.

That's it for me...the itching is returning, so I'm going to medicate and head to bed.


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