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Monday, November 15, 2010

Early day

I was up, showered, dressed and out the door by 6 this morning, and walking to work in the dark. Blah... But it did make the flashing red lights that much more noticable...hmmmmm...are they by my office?? A little closer...yup. That is never a good sign!!! As I approached the office, I could see fire boys climbing back into their big trucks (drat!) and driving away. Sadly, the office was declared safe to enter and I had to go to work after all. Double drat.

I went in at the crack of stupid so that I could leave at 2, in time to walk home, jump in my car, drive to Mom's, get back into the car, drive back downtown (yes, the doctor's office is about 3 blocks from work), park ($11 for ONE HOUR of parking!! And people ask why I walk!), convince Mom to walk slightly faster than a meander, only to have the doctor say "oh, I don't have enough time to do a full analysis for the referral to the place you've already been to, so you'll have to come back." Oy... We now get to play this game all over again next week, and in the meantime, I've got to somehow convince Mom to not eat anything (yes, that means jelly beans and chocolates) so I can take her for some blood work, to test her thyroid levels for the Synthroid prescription (which at least we walked away with). I miss our family doctor!

Lunch was leftover moussaka, which just gets better with age. Yum... It was also going to be supper till Mom decided she wanted a hamburger. Luckily we pass McD's on the way to her house, where she ate a cheeseburger (yes, the whole thing) and half a small thing of fries. That is huge for her!! Dropped Mom off, and returned for home. I had to try and winterize one of the windows for a tenant that wisely moved here from Africa and then can't figure out why she's cold all the time! I did ask, very good-natured mind you, whether she researched Canada before she chose it as home!! Explained that winter, especially by the mountains is COLD! Speaking is comes. The rain has started, which is not a good sign, since that's supposed to be followed by snow. Again...thank goodness I walk to work! Although the 'birks may have to stay at home. I hate

I am going to pack my running gear to work, since I'll miss boot camp waiting for Mom to get her hair done. I ran into "hot man" that I used to run with all the time (again...very happily married...dang it, aren't they all?) who reminded me that he hasn't seen me for a while, although he did say that I was looking good. Blush! Anyway, I've decided it's been too long since I've tackled the stairs, and snow will just add to the challenge...and if it's too snowy, I'll just run a loop.

Since dinner was a burger, my last piece of moussaka (all the rest went into the freezer last night) will be for lunch tomorrow.

Really, that's it for me. Nothing too exciting. Just another Monday.


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