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Thursday, November 18, 2010

A reprieve...

It started snowing Monday finally stopped this afternoon. I have shovelled a lot over the last 3 days and my back is telling me so! And I can't even describe it as shovelling, as that doesn't remove everything it was scraping. A lot of scraping. Imagine cleaning the ice off your car window, but the window is over 50' long and 4' wide!!!

My building is right beside another building of the same era, only it is owned and run by different folks than mine. And they obviously pay their resident manager more than I am paid, because they have the professionals come to remove the snow. And let me tell you, they know where the property line stops and starts!!! However, that doesn't stop them from pushing it all over to my side of the sidewalk, now does it?? Nor do they adhere to the "to the cement" clause of the bylaw. So, while I start shovelling at my front door and the snow is only a couple of inches deep, by the time I get to the end of the building, the snow is now a good foot, foot and a half deep and HEAVY! Just a tip, by the way...if you are out walking and you pass someone shovelling and working hard at it, don't say something stupid like "looks like hard work" or the likes...we have a weapon and usually enough snow to successfully hide a body for quite some time...don't piss us off!!! Just saying...

Made it to weight watchers and while I was feeling poo-pooey about another small gain this week, everyone started asking me how I exercise outside and how do I stay motivated. That helped my mood a bit, when I realized they were sincerely wondering how I did it. Quote Nike...just do it. Although I did bail on run club and boot camp so far this week, but that's more because I was working out a different way. And I seriously don't drive enough on the roads (and my winter tires are still in Mom's garage) to risk my life and others for a run or a workout.

Okay...I'm sitting here still sweating (changed out of everything when I came back inside) and now I'm starting to get a chill. I think it's time for a cup of tea and a snuggle under a blanket.

Stay warm,

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