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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday morning in Banff

Ahhhhh...have I mentioned in the past that I am at peace when I am in the mountains?? I LOVE it here. Despite the rain that is coming down right now...this time last year, the roads were covered with snow, so I guess we can't complain.

I'm here for Winterstart, a 5-miler taking place at 7pm. Yes, a race for night people like me!! I have my headlamp and my glow-sticks and I am ready to roll. I know loads of people running it this year, with a lot from running club coming up for it. It should be a blast. I came up yesterday after boot camp (yet another killer class...I'm surprised I was able to get out of bed this morning without assistance!). Yes, I packed up Thursday, got home from work on Friday, changed for boot camp, loaded the car, worked out, stopped at McD's to change (and eat) and drove out. It's not the same driving in total darkness, as you can't see the mountains, but you still know you're in them.

Checked into the hotel...OMG - this is where I want to stay from now on. The suite is gorgeous (I got upgraded because of renos at the original hotel, and they're all together). Walked into town to pick up some munchies and sat and waited to hear from another couple that were supposed to be here last night. Still haven't heard from them...rude. I finally crashed at 11, into my glorious pillow-top king sized bed. This is living!!

Had breakfast and am now heading into town.