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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mid week

My aching back...Mother Nature has been very odd to Calgary this year. After all, we had to wait till the end of September for summer to show up and then no snow until November 15th?! What is really sad is I think she figured out she messed up and is trying to dump all of September, October and November's snow TODAY!! It took an hour to clean the walks last night...yes, I go at it with a scraper because I read the rules that say "to the cement" and tossing a bag of salt on it doesn't count! Happily, it snowed all night and all day again, so I got to go over the whole mess one more time. Felt like I did an hour of dead lifts, scraping the ice over and over and over again. Unfortunately, there is so much foot traffic downtown that as soon as someone walks on the snow, it fuses with the sidewalk and becomes one solid mass. Great cardio though!!!!

Had to drive in the storm last night to take Mom for a haircut. The funny part, after being stuck in traffic for an hour, and finally making our way to Rosanna's, Mom says "good thing you know where you're going"...trouble is I have never been to Rosanna's or even met the lady for that matter! Just really good at figuring out directions! But Mom's hair is all cleaned up and she looks good and feels good. Dropped her off and carefully made her way home. Between all my runs and travels and no snow, I am one of those morons who waited to put her snow tires on. Now I'll get to wait longer, as they say that it's now a two-week wait at most shops. I emailed a place today, so we'll see what they have to say.

Walked over the Running Room at lunch and bought a pair of trail runners, as I'm tired of slipping and sliding while winter training. But by the time I got home (holy wind chill!), and realized I had another hour's worth of shovelling ahead of me, I decided to skip run club tonight. I'll test the runners on Sunday.

My elf outfit arrived, for my stint as an elf for Chase the Elves at the end of the month. I guess what happens is a bunch of us elves head out, and then get chased by the runners, who try to catch us because we have raffle tickets to hand out! Sounds like a hoot, and I can't wait to go all in, as my outfit has a hat, bells, pointy shoes...hehehehe...go big or go home, right?

Dinner was a simple and warm bowl of cream of tomato soup and a warmed up piece of naan. I added diced tomatoes and dill to the soup to make it more of a meal, and to up the veggies. It was definitely a soup day, as I enjoyed the soup at work today "baked potato w/bacon"...basically a cream of potato soup, but very tasty all the same.'s only 7:41 but I am so ready to hit the sack! Not sure how long I'll last...something about the cold and snow that makes you want to crawl under the covers and stay there.

Warm thoughts out to everyone,

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