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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Winterstart Weekend Photo Review

The town of Banff, from Norquay Mountain (north side of Highway 1).

The Fox Hotel and room is on the left side of the arch, right above the silver SUV.

SWEET suite!

Yes...that is SIX pillows on the KING SIZED BED!!

Just before the race Saturday night...whee...

(During daylight) - this is the starting point.

1.5 miles down this road...the main road in and out of Banff. We ran down the shoulder.

Then we ran 1 mile UP this road...took us around the bend waaaaayyyy at the top. Turn around, and return.

This is all I saw!! It was very cool...perfect night for a run, despite a light drizzle.

After a nice lay-in this morning and coffee, I went for a "hike".

My very own Birken-hiking-stocks! Limited where I went, though.

Above the Bow Falls, looking at the Banff Springs Hotel...I always thought this was where the Queen lived, growing up. I know...I was a goofy child.

Looking down onto the river, before the falls.

Watching "winter" blowing snow at the town level though. Just rain. I got very wet at one point...must remember rain coat next time I go for a hike in the mountains in November!

Cool looking tree...I liked it.

There is a view, regardless of where you are in Banff...this is from the parking garage!

Same mountain, a little while later...I love watching Mother Nature do her stuff!!


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