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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dryer Sunday afternoon

The rain has stopped...sort of. And the sun even tried to come out, but it didn't do much in the way of warming things up. Think it got to all of 10C (50F) and is still pretty cloudy out there.

H-woman and I headed off for the Farmer's Market, to which I almost forgot how to get there! It has been way too long since we were last there, and man, it was crowded! I thought I didn't really need anything, yet I somehow managed to spend all the cash I had on me, including one debit transaction. Hmmmm...but who can pass up such beautiful, fresh vegetables and fruit?
I came home with nectarines, tomatoes, wicked cool tiger cherry tomatoes (George was marking them as his own), mini cucumbers, mozzarella cheese, black bean and cheese empanadas and some quick cooking barley (10 minutes, cooks like rice, 8 gr of fibre and 7 gr of protein per serving - can't wait to try it). I read about the barley in the City Palate magazine, as they wrote about the finds of the season. Sounds really good, and I do love barley.
Finished the last of my chowder and am sitting here cream. I may have to indulge. While it is not an excuse to over do it, I did run for 3 hours today and burned off 1918 calories. I can have a spoonful (or two) of ice cream!
That's it for me...don't know how long I'll last tonight, as I feel myself fading quickly. Thank goodness tomorrow is a day off for Labour Day, as I feel I've laboured more than enough over the last few months. It'll also be my Dad's 78th birthday tomorrow, so will most certainly be swinging by the hospital for a visit.

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