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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Whoa, where'd the night go?

Would you look at the time?! Okay, despite my usual claims, this will be a short post.

Tuesday: Another day back at work, all goes well. Return to running clinic, where we had most excellent nutrition talk, except she bad-mouthed chocolate milk and I know think she has to die. Okay, maybe that's a little harsh, but come's chocolate milk! What can be wrong with that after a 4+ hour run?! Because the talk ran late and we were scheduled for speed work on Wednesday, Sir Garrath let us run a nice, slower steady. It was awesome...7:33 average pace, which is faster than our predicted 7:52 but still felt slow and even. We are a machine!

Wednesday: Feeling sluggish, but I'm sure that has to do with the pan of Nanaimo squares that mysteriously entered my house and therefore had to be destroyed. Guessing I'm more stressed out then I let on. But they are gone now, and this too shall pass. Weigh-in tomorrow could be brutal, but I'm ready for it. Bring it!

Speed work: what can I say, other than I LOVE speed work. Even more then I love hills...and why, you ask?! Because it's honestly the only time running where I actually feel comfortable and like I was built to do this. You see, I have long legs and big feet and they get all tangled up when we do the short turn-over to increase pace. When I can stretch these bad-boys out and hit my stride...oh boy! Our speed pace to hit was 6:14. I had to pull us back a couple of times because we were up around 5:45 at a few points!!! Overall pace, including the 2km warm up worked out to 6:46, but I did check at the end of each km (we do repeats, similar to the hills training) and we averaged 6:12 for all 4 repeats. Yay us! Afterwards enjoyed a pint (okay, two) and some Guinness Crab Asparagus soup (it was good, but not stellar) and some major laughs with the group that showed up tonight. My stomach hurts from all the's a good pain. Oh, and I now have a race scheduled for September 25th (22km), October 3rd (5km), October 10th (10km) and then the 17th (42.2km)'s all training, right???

On that note, good night and happy thoughts. To quote my friend H-woman's recent Facebook post:

"There are days that I don't know if I can do a marathon. There will be a lifetime knowing that I have."

I like that...a lot. Thank you , H-woman.


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H-woman said...

You're welcome! I borrowed it from 'Lift Your Sole's' page.

But it spoke to me, too.


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