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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday off

Not from work, but from exercise or doing anything scheduled. It was a nice night. I was to donate blood, but thought my nose was a little too stuffy today, and then realized that with all the runs coming up, I should hold on to my precious oxygen carrying red blood cells until after Toronto and rescheduled till the end of October.

Just when I was wondering what to do, H-woman called needing noodles. Decision made! Off to Vietnam Fortune for noodles and salad rolls, and enjoyable conversation. After dinner, I dropped in on Mom to see how she was doing (and what she was doing). She is doing just fine. She is a tough old bird!

Have some legal documents to send in for Dad's estate, but everything seems to be going smoothly. I drop off what I can at lunch (the investment people are really close to work) and then boot camp after work. I am looking forward to getting my sweat on, even though it may be in the...wait for's coming...hard to type here...snow. Oh, so not ready for that yet. But I do need to sweat, as weigh-in today, while expected was still just gross. Gross, gross, gross...
I "found" 5 whole pounds!! In one week...holy crap! Okay, so the pan of Nanaimo squares "may" have had something to do with it. Big sigh...

So that's if for me. One more day of work and then the weekend. Hopefully the weather holds out on Saturday, as running 32km on your own is bad enough...on your own in the rain/snow. Sucks. But then it's Kooza on Sunday, which should be awesome. They brought back the Wheel of Death for this show. Cool!!

Hope everyone had a great Thursday and an even better Friday.


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