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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Together is Amazing


into or in one gathering, company, mass, place, or body: to call the people together.
into or in union, proximity, contact, or collision, as two or more things: to sew things together.
into or in relationship, association, business, or agreement, etc., as two or more persons: to bring strangers together.
taken or considered collectively or conjointly: This one cost more than all the others together.
(of a single thing) into or in a condition of unity, compactness, or coherence: to squeeze a thing together; The argument does not hold together well.
at the same time; simultaneously: You cannot have both together.
without intermission or interruption; continuously; uninterruptedly: for days together.
in cooperation; with united action; conjointly: to undertake a task together.

with mutual action; mutually; reciprocally: to confer together; to multiply two numbers together.


causing great surprise or sudden wonder.

The phrase says it all. To quote our VP of Marketing: "Together is Amazing is about sharing who we really are with an entire country, the idea that when we work together, we can achieve greatness." We, by the way, is the company I work for and love, Shaw Communications.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we are committed to raising 1,000,000 pounds of food for Canada's food banks. One mill-eon (be sure to raise eyebrow and point pinky at mouth when saying this!) pounds!!! That's a lot of food...just imagine it. Families not having to make the decision between the light bill and groceries! Children not having to go to school hungry. Seniors eating the way they should, after raising us and guiding our country through-out history. Everyone working together...

Once the food is weighed and measured, Shaw will then match up to another 350,000 pounds. Campbell's Soup caught wind of this idea and immediately jumped on board, vowing to match ANOTHER 300,000 pounds! Knowing my coworkers (10,700 strong) and the company I work for, I see us delivering 1,650,000 pounds come November. That would truly be AMAZING...Astonishing, Astounding, Remarkable, Wonderful, Incredible, Marvellous, Surprising, Mind-blowing, Mind-boggling, Staggering (playing with the thesaurus)!
Again...just imagine it.

We are, in a word, pumped!! All the staff have been introduced to the initiative and you can feel the energy in the air...people are gathering to figure out how to raise even more food, where to store it, fund-raising and spreading the word. The national campaign began last night on TV, and you may see billboards and bus shelter ads popping up. Keep in mind that this is not just for some big city's food banks but CANADA'S food banks! I have vowed to donate my total pounds lost by November 15th in food (right now 41 and counting). Someone else on my team will donate her body weight. Others have vowed to match. We have an empty office that we are filling to roof, an empty water cooler jug to fill with spare change (the food banks usually have a 3:1 spending ratio, so the amount of food they can purchase with the cash will be even greater), 50/50 draws...the ideas keep pouring in and the list continues to grow. Employee by employee, department by department, this is a snowball racing down a steep, long hill!!

So, what am I asking of all of you (okay, right now there's only 9 of you, but I am hopeful for more followers!) is to turn to someone next to you and tell them about Together is Amazing. Visit the website, drop off a can of food at one of our retail locations, hand a can to the cable guy/gal when they're at your house installing services, but most importantly, spread the word!



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