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Friday, September 10, 2010


I now know why I cannot get my mother's wedding dress waist around my thigh. After spending about 3 hours between 2 banks (banking all organized and ready to roll) and getting some groceries, I sat and listened to Mom's stomach protesting it's lack of lunch quite loudly. So off to A&W (it was right across from the last bank) we went, where Mom had TWO bites of her Mama burger and 4 french fries, declared herself "totally stuffed" and watched as she packaged everything up to take it home for "supper". Didn't know how to tell her I was still hungry and she stole all the fries!! I did make her take two more bites! Really!!

I came home and ate some dip and whole wheat mini pitas and am now sitting here wondering what on earth to have to for supper. It may involve getting back in my car.

Really not much going on, except H-woman and I went for noodles last night. Turns out they were in Vietnam again, but have since reopened and it was the BEST noodle soup EVER! OMG, how I love, love, love them. The scale this morning was not kind (tad bit of salt intake) but that's okay. I still love them!

Other than the running around today (vet, bank, bank, groceries, lunch, home), I haven't done much of anything. I did sign up for the next 6 weeks of Boot Camp, which starts on Monday, and I am looking forward (egad, did I just say that?!) to the 29km run on Sunday. I feel like a slug and need to get moving again.

It's a chilly Friday night, so I'm thinking of something warm and comforting for supper tonight. Just not sure what that is yet. I'm off to be inspired.


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