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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Friday follies

Not sure if it was the burger at A&W, or the dips at home or the crap I ended up buying for supper last night (the experts are right. Don't go to the store hungry!) but something is not sitting right today. So, bad news is I overindulged in salt again yesterday (Pringle potato chips) and junk for supper (sausage rolls and the worst chicken wings, ever!) but the good news is my body is doing everything it can to GET IT OUT!! Get out NOW!

Did manage to have some brunch with H-woman (great restaurant called Overeasy Breakfast, right up the street from Diner Deluxe, where we first tried to eat - owned and run by the same people). Both of these places are a "first-come, first-seated" kind of joint and are always lined up. At least Diner Deluxe is, so we quickly hoofed it up the block to check out Overeasy. It isn't as big as Diner, but they've made up for that with a long, community table running down the centre. We didn't have to wait very long for a spot to open up. While Diner is very 50's chic, this place is a little more modern, and is bright and airy. And good quality food for low prices...that is the mantra of these restaurants. I had the Open Ocean Benny, eggs benny (eggs to order - love that) with homemade hollendaise, smoked salmon and spinach. What they call hash browns were actually deep-fried potato wedges, but I inhaled mine all the same. And a huge wedge of watermelon, slice of cantaloupe and an orange slice to round out the meal. Service was fast, and we were in, fed and out in no time.

Decided I wanted to bolster the Canadian economy a little, and went to Reitman's to see what they had for fall. Honestly...not much. Kind of disappointed actually. I did come home with a new pair of jeans, a brown pair of slacks (nice to see brown again) and some long-sleeved shirts. I have always liked their long-sleeved t's, so bought a rainbow of colours to hold me through the fall and winter. Wandered the rest of the mall, but nothing leaped out screaming "buy me", so I came home.

Just had a visit with the younger bro and SIL, as they deliver another bit of furniture to their daughter, who moved into my building last week. Now to decide what to do with the rest of my day. I really should do some vacuuming in the hallways, and haul some recyclables to the dumpsters. Okay...decision made! That's what I'm doing.


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