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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pause for Thought

As I sit here, thinking "go to bed" and "I really don't want to run 32km by myself tomorrow", this was in my blog roll tonight.
Terry Fox

Damn...If he could run, on one leg, with cancer basically coursing through his veins, and manage to run a MARATHON (yes, 42.2km) a DAY, EVERY day, covering over 5,300 km in under 5 months, I can bloody well set my alarm and get my sorry butt outside, regardless of the weather!!!

This will be the 30th year since we started hearing about this kid running across Canada...I remember seeing the coin boxes in the local Shopper's Drug Mart, and thinking "who is this lunatic?!"...since his passing, his Foundation, through annual runs (Sunday, September 19th this year) have raised over $550,000,000 for cancer research. Holy crap! That will be my mantra tomorrow...if Terry could do it (on ONE leg), then I can do it on two.

Today, the company I work for (and love) announced that we are embarking on an amazing journey. You see, today we launched TOGETHER IS AMAZING - a way to unite everyone in our organization and prove that together, anything is possible. Our first goal?? To raise 1,000,000 POUNDS of food for Canada's Food Banks. We WILL fill Canada's Food Banks by November 19th (I think that's the goal date) but what makes this even more incredible is that once the food is weighed, our company will match another 350,000 pounds and when Campbell's Soup caught wind of this, they immediately stepped up to the plate and declared that they will add ANOTHER 300,000 pounds of food!!! Can you freaking believe this?!?! Watch for the ads to start next week...we're not "selling" anything other than a belief that this can and will be done. One can, one bag, one employee at a time, and then two and then three and so on and so on...I still get goose-bumby thinking about it. I will share more details as I get them, but this just blows my mind.

I did make a challenge and put it out to my team today, declaring that I will donate my total pounds lost at Weight Watchers by November 18th (last weigh-in before the campaign ends). I don't mean the pounds I lose between now and then, but the total I have lost since walking in their doors. Right now, that number is 41 (really nasty week!) BUT my real goal is for 60 by then. Will I do it?? Don't know, but I do know that everyone at work suddenly has my back, as several others vowed they would match whatever I end up donating. See...all it takes is one, then two, then the world! Anyway, they're going to keep me on the straight and narrow at work, so that I continue to lose weight, and we help the cause that much more. Between them at work and you guys here...success all the way around!



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