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Sunday, September 19, 2010


This is the second Cirque du Soleil show that I have seen, and it took my breath away as much as the first. Trouble is, there is so much going on, you don't know where to look and I was constantly afraid of missing something! I may try to go again before the show closes in October. Beyond amazing. I would pay just to watch the Wheel of Death again, and again, and again. Wow! How drunk does someone have to be to get up one day and say "hey, you know what will be fun?!?! Running around in a wheel, while you run around in another wheel, attached to a big wheel thing that spins both of us at once, and then we can jump rope, and hop from one to another and go upside down and everything! Won't that be cool?!" I have never figured out how most of these people got into their said professions. But the level of trust in each other and their own abilities is awe-inspiring. Above all, they are human...we witnessed a few slip-ups today, but they get up and do it again, till they got it right. Didn't even miss a beat.

The show starting at 1 this afternoon was why I went for my long run yesterday. That means I got to sleep in (on purpose today), do a load of laundry and make a proper breakfast of dippy eggs and bagel before walking down to the Cirque site. Since they set up in the Stampede Park this year, rather than the Curry Barracks of past years, it meant I could walk over, as it's only 10 blocks from my house. Sad part...the freaking rain. There is a reason why I don't live in Vancouver, as pretty as it is, and that reason is RAIN! I HATE RAIN! I hate the grey...I hate the dull...I really hate the humidity...and I hate the fact that the sun has been missing in forever. At least when it snows, the sun shines! Grrrr...

Anyway, rather than pout in the rain, I decided to stop into the new Sunterra Market on the way home, and while I needed milk, I didn't need the other $40 worth of groceries that somehow managed to follow me home! But I do love walking through grocery stores, literally meandering up and down every aisle, picking things up, reading labels, wondering "what would I do with that"... I also brought home a box of UVAB to take to work (for cereal and such), clams (for a quickie chowder), the most amazing cheese scone (to eat with said chowder, spread with real buttah), Emergen-C (a health and energy booster), and some pre-diced bacon. Okay, this is just brilliance!!! I hate, as a single person, opening a package of bacon. I do try to separate the strips, and freeze them, and then remember to take them out in time to thaw and dice and just get mad. This was beautifully thick cut bacon, in perfect little dices, which I tossed into a pot with some diced celery and onion. Packaged up the rest, ready for future meals. Once the bacon was cooked, I added the juice from the can of clams, and let that reduce down. Once reduced, I added a can of cream of potato soup, the clams and a can of fat-free evaporated milk. A touch of Bay Spice, S&P and parsley, and dinner was done. Yum!
Just winding down for the evening, thinking about the week ahead. I'll be off on Thursday, heading up to the mountains. I get the condo in Canmore then, so will be enjoying a mini-vacation, as H-woman and M. will show up on Friday. Then it's Melissa's on Saturday (aiming for a PB), chilling on Sunday, returning on Monday. It will be loverly. And very much needed. I heart my mountains and miss just breathing in their crisp, cool air. And if the weather holds out, it'll actually be nice and sunny. Not overly hot, but a good fall day of +10C. Fingers crossed!
Going to enjoy a glass of wine, and think about heading to bed.

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