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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday morning

Hmmmm...or that should be Saturday "Almost Afternoon"...granted, I slept till 10:15 this morning (and still feel groggy), but still, where has the morning gone?

Moved my car in anticipation of my brother and step-niece showing up with moving van. She's moving into my little building today. I do need to go down and do some last minute fix-ups in the suite before she gets here. Just spoke with my SIL and they're not even in Calgary yet to pick up the furniture and stuff, so I've got time.

My goals for me today are:
dishes (really gotta buy a new dishwasher)
haul recyclables to drop off point

I love selling Epicure, but man I have a LOT of waste leftover after an order. It's like those stacking Russian open a box and remove a box, which has a box in it to reveal another box, before you finally get to the product!!! And since I live in an apartment with more than 5 units, the City, in it's infinite wisdom, has deemed that we do not qualify for the mandatory recycling program everyone else in the city gets. Seriously?! So now I get to haul all this crap down 3 flights of stairs, to go to one of the ickiest drop areas (street people "live" there and harass everyone who stops by) or drive a fair distance to the burbs to find a place. Good times. But I'm also teetering on the edge of being on Hoarders, so I must do something! And I've got 3 days to do it, and no excuses otherwise.

Going to make the Epicure Seafood Chowder today, to try it out, although it's a rather nice looking day out there...too hot for soup. Maybe I'll make it (the salmon needs to be used up today) and then have it for tomorrow, when it's supposed to be cooler.

Only (hmph "only"!) 23km to run tomorrow morning. I love the fall back runs, after the longer distances. It is a nice mental break, as well as physical. When we're done a few hours earlier than normal, what ever will we do with our time?! Probably brunch! Yum.

Boot Camp was awesome, yet again, last night. Ran the Douglas Fir (I picture us doing that every night until snowfall, when they close the trail) although my legs seized up really early and I had to walk a lot of it. My goal (and I'll try to run it as much as I can over the winter - on nice days) is to finally be able to run the whole thing, bottom to top. It's about a kilometer, but it's all trails, with rocks, roots and mud puddles, and "steps" that go up and down. There's a bridge to cross, and hills to climb, but it's such an awesome feeling when you push off one rock to land on another and really feel the strength come from your legs. I heart it a lot! I will conquer Douglas Fir!!! Once at the top, there's a set of stairs - okay, platforms - that lead to the pathway above, that we run reps on till everyone (okay, me) gets there. While everyone else headed down, I did make myself do one more rep, just to feel like I was part of the group.

Got back to the mats (not too far behind everyone, as I picked up the pace on the bike path back), where Trainer Josh had his evil little orange cones set up. I do not heart the cones!!!!
Went something like this:
1st round - 10 reps of everything
On the mats:
- full body bikes
- toe touches
- squeegees

run to cone 1:
- jumping jacks
- high knees
- mountain climbers (I despise shirt falls over my mouth (I know, crazy) and I can't breathe! Freaks me out every time!!!)

run to cone 2 (where our weights are waiting):
- shoulder presses
- biceps curls
- overhead extensions

run to cone 3:
- lunges, each leg
- squats or jump squats

run to cone 4:
- extra wide push-ups
- regular push-ups
- narrow grip push-ups

Return to the mats, doing the exact same things on the way back. Sip some water upon return and start over, only this time...15 reps of everything. Return to mats (same as above), sip water, try to keep it down and repeat everything...this time 20 reps!!! Return to mats (see above), sip water, really, really try to keep it down and then collapse on said mat. Wait, no, get back up again for some upper body work, because there's still 15 minutes of class left!!! WTF?!?!?! I kind of blank out here, because I seriously can't remember what we did next! Oh wait, it's coming back to me now! Tabatas!!!!
First 2 minutes (20 seconds on, 10 second rest):
- bent over rows
Next 2 minutes:
- drop leg flies (at least we're lying down at this point!)
Final 2 minutes:
- bridge to bench press (you don't know how hard it was to keep my 10 lb weights from falling onto my face at this point!!)

We then flipped over for some plank hold, side plank, banana hold (on your back with legs and upper body off the mat - you look a banana!), and back to side plank. Then we did some ab work...can you hear the evil chuckle coming from Trainer Josh?? I still can! We did full body sit-ups with weights, and then negatives. But for fun, we did drop leg negatives too!! That was new and extra special!!!

Finished, did some stretching and then off to get Mom to visit Dad. He was out of bed last night, sitting in a chair by the window (he has a lovely view of roofs, with the reservoir peaking through the parking garage) but he was all hunched over, almost in the fetal position. Asked if he was asleep (mumbled no), did he feel all right (mumbled no), did he want to get back into bed (mumbled no). Okay, so we sat and visited, although he wasn't very talkative. At least his one hand was looking better (not nearly as black/purple as it was earlier this week) but he is not fighting this round as well as he has in the past. I think Rocky is getting tired of the fight. Will head off later today, and see how things are. I did get yet another call from yet another doctor who wants to discuss his long term care with yet another family meeting. Do these people not go back in the files and read what we've already discussed a thousand times already?!?! And do they think I just sit at home, waiting for them to call for me to drop everything and rush over?!?! Anyway, she couldn't be bothered to leave her phone number for me to call her back, and quite frankly, I can't be bothered to try that hard to locate her. She can call me back. Grrrrr!!!

That's it for me. Coffee is finished, scone is eaten, so I guess it's time to get moving.


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