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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Heavy legs

I must have been tired...okay, so I was still up past midnight blogging (seriously?!) but I set that alarm for 8am, thinking I would run out the door at nine. I shut the alarm off at some point (don't really remember) and woke up at 9:45! Oops!!

But I still wasn't going to bail on the run, so had a cup of coffee, a bagel with Nutella and a banana and a glass of milk. Filled the camel back with OJ/water/sea salt and off I went, finally at 10:45am. I decided I was going to run basically from home (started on the corner of 17th Ave and 5th St SW), out to Glenmore, loop the reservoir and come back home. Not sure if it was going to be 32km, but I was hopeful that it would be close. It turned out to be 30.6km, but that's okay. Close enough!

I did decide, while on the run, that I needed to return with my camera and take some shots for you all. It really was a lovely run, despite the cooler than normal weather. It was dry, at least. When I got up, it was +2C, but felt like -3C. I'm not ready for - numbers yet...really, I'm not! My legs were heavy today, and I also decided to try a new interval pace of 3km/1 minute walk. Figured I should get used to running up to the water stations, and walking while drinking said water. I did start strong, but there were also a lot of hills...A LOT! Sandy Bitch, oops, sorry Beach. Made it almost to the top on that one, and after looping the lake and going down a lovely, steep hill, you realize that you have to climb back out. Up a "lovely, steep hill"...Weaslehead...the mere name strikes fear into many a runner's heart. It is steep and it is long...crap. Walked about a third of it, but the screaming child (whining about having to walk it with Mommy) spurred me on!! Last hill is coming off the Glenmore route, up to the overpass. It is quite steep, and my legs just said "hell no!". But I was very successful with the new interval pace, and am feeling quite confident going into Melissa's next week (aiming for a PB) and then the marathon after that (again, another PB). Today's run, which was an LSD, so not about the speed, took me about 4 hours and 15 minutes, at a pace of roughly 8:15/km.

Got home, finished up my water (joy of cooler don't tend to drink as much water while running) and did some serious stretching. I am feeling it in my legs today, but I think that yesterday's boot camp squat/lunge/leg lifts-a-thon may have had something to do with that!

Just getting cleaned up and then meeting up with H-woman to go check out a new Persian restaurant in town. Since I love pretty much anything from the Mediterranean area, I am all over that! Should be good.

Okay, time to roll some legs and then get changed. Look the recap about dinner tomorrow.


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