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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy September

Wow...8 months down, only 4 more to go till the end of the year. I used to scoff when the "old" people told me to enjoy every day, because it just got I know they weren't old...they were wise!

Took the night off from everything tonight! Feeling a little frazzled these days (why on earth, I have no idea...) so I swung by the liquor store and picked up a bottle of my favourite wine. It may be a bad thing that I know the store sells this specific bottle, because of it's rather steep price tag, but it is just so.freaking.good! And because I felt like it, I thought I would have some cheese and crackers and fruit with it. It's almost a "complete" meal! I picked up some fig goat cheese, black seedless grapes, Raincoast fig & olive and cranberry & hazelnut crisps, Boursin Herb & Garlic cheese and a triple cream brie that was so good that I didn't want to"ruin" it with any of the wine jellies or even the crackers, just eating it straight, a little bite at a time. Oh, man, I have one happy tummy right now!!!

Weigh-in today was a more successful number than last week, but I appear to be lobbing these couple of pounds back and forth. Need to decide if I'm staying on a downward trend and just stick with it. One lady reached lifetime today, and apologized for being emotional about it. Later, when I was congratulating her and talking with our leader, both Faye and I told her that she should be there when I hit goal, if she wants to see emotional. I will be certain to bring boxes of Kleenex with me, because this journey has been one long haul, and Faye has been with me since the beginning! Have I mentioned that she was my very first leader on my very first day, oh so long ago? Don't judge the is a tough haul, as most of you know, and I am a slow...okay, stubborn learner. I have been a Weight Watchers member, consistently, without quitting (physically...mentally is another story) since September 1998. Yes, it will be 12 years for me at the end of this month. Okay, so I'm a really slow...stubborn learner!! But I shudder to think of where I would be if I had quit the so many times I wanted to, or didn't feel like going or knew I was going to be up at the scale, etc. I am nothing if not tenacious. Okay...stubborn!!

Going to finish up my 2nd glass (hey, how did that get there) of the Meritage and then head to bed. I know it's early still (for me) but I am feeling the strains of the week, and I want to have a strong boot camp tomorrow night. And it's day 3 of year end, so I'll be starting all my reporting and analysis and want to get a good crack on it, to meet all the deadlines. I don't like being the reason some data is held up.

That's all I've got...sounds like Dad is the same as last night, or as well as I could ascertain from Mom. It's kind of like playing charades or pictionary, without the white-board! Very much a guessing game, but at least Mom retains her sense of humour. Laugh or cry...which would you rather do? I'd rather be laughing...


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