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Monday, September 13, 2010

Starting back is hard

I know it was only a week off, but you'd think it had been 10 years since I last exercised! Granted, I probably pushed a little harder than I should have yesterday - maybe I shouldn't have run all 29 or kept the pace I did, but I did. So deal with it hips and calves!!!

Returned to work today as well, which was good. I needed other things to keep my mind and hands busy, and nothing like a whole bunch of year-end priority reports and spreadsheets to keep me occupied! The day literally flew by. Helped along with my merit increase (maximum allowed) and a bonus cheque! Think I'm going to tuck that away and price out some cameras...something a little fancier than my point 'n shoot! I was thinking that would be my "I ran another marathon" gift to myself this time, so we'll see what happens.

Woke up to rain...such a surprise for Calgary these days. Seriously, I don't recall moving to Vancouver this year, and quite frankly, I'm getting tired of it! But it was also the first day of a new Boot Camp session, so dressed appropriately, off I went. There were quite a few of us hardy souls, at least 15 of us showed up, rain and all. During the class the rain slowed to a drizzle, which made the workout bearable. We started with a run (some newbies had to go through their fit tests) and then did a killer circuit, as Trainer Josh wanted us to keep moving and keep warm.

We started (reps of 10) with squat presses, moving on to leg drives, dips, seated rows, bicep curls, sprint to far benches, step-ups, return to start. We then moved on to reps of 15 of everything, added jumping jacks on the return from the step-ups. After a quick drink, we moved everything up to 20 reps, except the legs, leaving at 15. He didn't stop the clock till we all finished, and then challenged us to do 25 reps of everything (20 reps for the legs) and beat the clock back, or we do it again. Holy-flash-back-to-High-School, Batgirl!!! He even gave us an additional 30 seconds, so we were aiming for everyone to finish everything in 6:07. We managed to do it all in 5:32!!! Think several of us were close to hurling at the end, but dang it, we did it!!! Finished up with some core work, and then a little bit of stretching for me before home to dinner.

Dinner became a red pepper night...I had purchased a stuffed pepper at Co-op the other day, and only ate half (it was HUGE!), so I topped it with a little more tomato sauce with Epicure's Roasted Red Pepper dip stirred in and set it in the oven to reheat. Then I made crab cakes, complete with red pepper diced in, and served with Epicure Red Pepper Jelly. Round out the meal with a sliced mini-cucumber and tomato and I am full.

Freezing though, so now I'm enjoying a cup of Vanilla coffee and huddling in two shirts and long pants. Starting to feel warmer, but it may take another mug!

That's it for me. Clinic and run tomorrow night, group run on Wednesday (speed training! Yay!!!), boot camp on Friday and 32km solo run on Saturday. Oh well, I figure that's how you end up running most races, so it helps to train that way too.


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