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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rainy day run

I knew it was going to be a damp one, listening to the rain all night. Now, before you ask, I am not on the East coast, bracing for Earl to come to visit. I'm on the prairies, by the mountains, and we're bracing for the sun to actually arrive. Been waiting all would be nice, just one day. But oh well, what do you do??

After an early dinner of Epicure Selections Seafood Chowder (which isn't bad at all - I added fresh salmon and shrimp to it) and crackers, I lazed the evening away with some ice cream (Hagan Daaz Pralines and Cream...O.M.G!) and then off to bed after the first few minutes of the 11pm news. I like to make sure the world hasn't ended or something before I go to's a quirk, I know. Set the alarm for 7am and immediately crashed.

Alarm went off - ick - and I finally crawled out after only two snoozes. Breakfast of coffee and oatmeal (steel-cut oats, apple, cinnamon, brown sugar, powdered milk - I'm out of the real stuff) and got my OJ/water mix ready for the camel back.

Got down to Eau Claire, only to discover most of the roads closed due to some kind of event going on today. It's too early for the Terry Fox run, so I'm not sure what was going on, but I managed to find some street parking nearby and rushed over to the Running Room. As I was exiting the building (it's now 8:32am, and groups head out at 8:30) I ran into Garrath, who said my group "went with the 4:40's". I interpret that to mean they have left already, and after finding out where we were running today (east to long zoo, west to Edworthy Park, east to home), I took off like a bat out of you-know-where to catch up with them. After about a kilometer or so, I realize that I don't see anyone in front of me, and then suddenly pace groups are passing me...hmmmm...did they go west first? Or were they standing around, waiting for me before heading out?? Uh-oh...looks like it's a solo run today. Which is fine, because, let's face it, most of us end up running our races alone anyway, so it's just good training for being alone with your thoughts for extended periods of time. I had started a little fast (7:07ish, which is tempo pace) to try and catch the group, but when I figured out we weren't connecting today, I slowed it down to a respectable 7:48ish for the bulk of the run. Despite the constant rain/drizzle and cooler temps, it was a great day for a run. At least the paths weren't crowded! Got to Edworthy in what felt like no time (and with 13 km already passed by) and crossed the river to head up the hill. Funny thing (and someone else said the exact same thing) is crossing the parking lot, both of my legs turned to lead. They had no energy, and suddenly, neither did I. I did my best, but I see no shame in walking hills, so when my legs (and heart, which was pounding out of my throat!) said slow down, I did. The rest of the run was fabulous at this point, and I breezed through the last 8 km. Who knew I would ever say anything like that.

Got back to Eau Claire, where I ran into the rest of my group (they ended up going a different route) and after some stretching, I enjoyed a late breakfast/early lunch of egg wrap (eggs, bacon, cheese, green peppers), fruit salad, chocolate milk and much needed coffee, before turning to ice! Sitting in wet through running clothes is not good! Came home (via a different route due to the BBQ on the Bow (event at Eau Claire) and some sort of parade/protest going through downtown), changed, dried off, and inhaled another cup of coffee. Just wanted warm! Heated up some of the soup, before getting a call from H-woman to head over to the farmer's market. Since I haven't been in for-ever, I'm going!

We'll see what kind of haul I end up with.


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