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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Such a headache

I think I got a little too much sun this weekend...but hey, it hasn't been around much this spring, so I, like every other Calgarian, ran outside to revel in it!!
- Boot Camp - another butt-kicking session but at least in glorious sunshine. Seriously, Trainer Josh has it in for us. My left wrist was acting up all day (as in it didn't want to bend, lift or anything - my Dr. calls it "travelling tendinitis" - I call it "PAIN"), which made doing the push-ups, dips, incline presses and all the weight work hard, but I do not back down! Booyahh! It's much better today.
- Hospital visit - not sure what's going on there, as Dad thinks he's coming home for a day pass, and we haven't even talked to all the doctors yet. And then he says "oh, my back hurts"...why, Dad? "That's where I fell"...What do you mean, you fell?? "Out of the bed". Did the nurses help you back up? "They don't know I fell"...Oh, they do now!!! Turns out nothing was broken, but they figure Dad twisted or maybe has a hairline fracture on one of his ribs. much more can this man take?!

- weigh-in. Up surprise, as I have not been the most diligent of Weight Watcher members, but we do need to figure out Dad's situation before I find all previous 48 pounds that I've lost!! Meeting was about asking for help...kind of ironic, actually. I wasn't in much of a mood, except for pissy, so I just sat and absorbed.
- drove to Okotoks (only 20 minutes away from meeting) with my summer tires, to have them switched out with the winters. Got to the shop at 10 am and was told the car would be ready at 1. Lovely...3 hours to kill in Okotoks. Awesome. Oh, and the nearest Starbucks was "across town". What does that mean? I walked over to my brothers (he lives a couple of blocks from the tire place), but no one appeared to be home (and I left my cell at home), so I walked down the hill, to the river, along that pathway, up the other side, and kept walking until I finally found a Safeway with a Starbucks inside. Glory be!! Had a 5-shot latte (I had my Greek yogurt/oatmeal/pineapple/sunflower seed concoction at meeting), sat in the sun and read the Runner's issue of Impact Magazine. Lots of interesting stuff. Finally started feeling the sun on my skin, so I went back into Safeway and came out armed with sunscreen. Slathered it on, and walked until I reached the Canadian Tire my sister-in-law works at. Oh, and there's the other Starbucks. Interesting town, Okotoks is...they don't want to be "big city" like Calgary to the north, but they sure go about it wrong. They don't have anything resembling public transit (I saw nothing that resembled a taxi, bus or bus stop for that matter), and the roads were packed with cars, but there were ZERO pedestrians, except myself. Oh, and an old guy on his scooter-thing. What really caught my attention was the plethora of fast-food chains...A&W, McDonalds (2 of them), Pizza Hut, Pizza 73, KFC, Mary Browns, Tim Hortons (2 of them), Wendys...the list goes on. Guess since no one has time to slow down and enjoy life because they're too busy driving to and from the big city, they have to eat out every day. Weird! Caught up with my SIL, who was amazed that I walked all the way from the tire place - again, how else was I getting around?! - and the I planned on WALKING BACK!! else am I getting my car?! Walked back (and got there at 12:45), picked up the baby and home we went, after dropping said winter tires back in M&D's garage.
- Once I got home, I hit the sack, as I was beat and knew I got a little too much sun. No burn (yay) but I did sleep for 3 hours. Got up, had some pasta for supper, had some more pasta (I was HUNGRY!) and then was back in bed at 11, to get ready for today's run.

- up bright and early for our last long, slow distance run before Calgary (14 sleeps!!), a measly 23km. Met up with K. and B., and after waiting to see if L. would show, we headed off. I haven't run an LSD with B. before, as she's normally in the 4:30-4:45 group (a good hour faster than mine), but we all did good. Except for B., who we decided was dehydrated at the end. We just are not used to the sun and heat! Remember, it was snowing last weekend when we were running!! Anyway, average a good pace of 8:24/km, and finished just over 21km (we were okay being shy on the mileage). Next week's run of 6km is just going to feel strange!
- came home, changed and went out to cut the grass. Figured I needed to just do it, otherwise I could come up with a million other excuses and then I'd have to buy a goat to get it under control! While was I getting everything ready, I had a theft though...I took the small gear out to the front of the building, and returned for the lawn mower. In the 2 minutes I was gone, someone (guessing homeless dude hoofing it down the street!) stole my garbage bags and my hedge-clippers!!! The bags, who cares...but the clippers!?!? Dude, what are you going to do with them?!?! Really??? Clippers????? ARGH!!! I love living downtown! Really, I do, but then crap like this happens! Anyway, grabbed more bags and did the best trim job with just the mower that I could do (I think it looks okay), before packing everything away.
- went and got Mom, and that's when the headache started. I am still feeling very warm (windows wide open, heat off, water in) so I know it's because I got too much sun this weekend. Had a good visit with Dad, although he didn't want to go outside (I offered to get a chair and tank and push him over to the lakeside to enjoy some fresh air, but he'd rather sit in his bed...exactly like he is every time we go see him. Sigh...) or even talk that much. Dropped mom off, and came home to a quick dinner of whole wheat pita and some dip. I'm not really hungry. Thought I wanted hot dogs and bought all the fixings, but then it just seemed like work. So they'll be tomorrow's dinner, with salad.

Well, that's all I have to ramble on about. Going to take some Advil, have some more cold water and hit the sack. It's been another long day, and I'm feeling it. I'm also alone all week at work, so that means twice as many questions to answer!! That's okay, I'm tough...I can handle it.

Later everyone,

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