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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What day is it?

Seriously...they are all melting together it seems. I think my last post was Sunday, so here's a quick recap.
Monday: work - found out my boss has that virus that paralyzes half your face (NOT a stroke!), so we don't know when she'll be back to work. But we are an awesome team, and have totally figured everything out and picked up the slack. She'd do the same for us. Boot Camp: got our butts kicked again - ran the Douglas Fir (which I'm slowly getting better at) and then did many, many, many squats. After Sunday's 21km, all those squats just felt like more, you hear what I'm sayin'?? Visit with Dad at the hospital, and had a very long and good conversation with the palliative care doctor (on the phone). We will talk some more tomorrow.
Tuesday: work - same old, same old. My coworker is off this week, and I am proud to say I got all of her work done for the week, as well as my own. Crap, it's only what I am going to do?? No run at lunch...I'm so not sleeping well with all that is going on, and I figured if I pushed myself I would just end up getting hurt, and Calgary is only 12 days away. I did go for a little walk around the park though. Got home, found out my younger brother was not picking my mom up, so back to mom's and the hospital again. Dad was totally out of it though, so it was a short visit. The doctor and I talked again today at length, and we're putting him into a hospice. I am sad but this is the reality of the disease.
Today: work - seriously, bored! Okay, so I finally got one report I can play with for a few days, but I'm done everything else. And I mean everything...what does my coworker do all day?! Called a couple of the hospices in town and booked a tour at two for tomorrow afternoon. I have my annual physical at 2, so will be off the rest of the afternoon. No running, but that's okay. Just wish I was one of those people that stopped eating when they were upset! But nooooo...I have to cover the pain with food! Argh! I did thoroughly enjoy boot camp tonight though, as I pushed myself to the edge. Couldn't figure out why I was so exhausted though, until I remembered I donated a pint last night! Oops!!! Oh well, survived the class, and then after a quick stop at Walmart to pick up supplies, I met some of the running group for our usual Wednesday night beer. Down a pint, and I do need to refuel my iron stores, so it was Guinness all the way!! Also picked up the race package for the Rogue's Run on Monday. It's a 10k, but since we'll all be dressed like pirates, it'll be a fun run and not a serious one. I think I've got everything I need for it. Will be sure to post pictures.
That's it for me. It's already 10:49 (when the freak did that happen?!) and I swore I was going to go to bed early. Sigh...

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