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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wicked Wednesday

The title is catchy, no?? Too bad the day was just normal! Sorry!!
I was alone at work again today, and am happy to report that I got everything done. EVERYTHING...and by that, I mean MY job AND my coworkers. And I still shut down early, as I had nothing to start before my day was over. Good thing I'm in meetings most of the day tomorrow. I'm sensing boredom before our usual month-end freak out.
Came home, changed and rushed off to Boot Camp. Trainer Josh put us through our paces, but thankfully there were only 10 of us - last night's class of 30+ was way too big! It Stairs Wednesday, in case you didn't know. Josh announced that when we arrived. Want to guess what that means?!? While the rest went up the BA hill, I went up the back way (still hilly, in it's own right) and met up with the group at the stairs. Up and down and up and down, we went. Then we side-squatted up and then down, reverse sides and up again. Then we hop-squatted legs HATE me right now. I was cursing and wondering why I do this, before one of the guys commented that I am "disappearing"...okay, now I know why!!!
After the squat-a-thon on the stairs, we went back to the mats and a good old circuit of push-ups, full body bike, crab walk, lunge walk, squat presses, bicep curls, dips and step-ups. Repeat...four times!! Then collapse on the mat for even more arm work - narrow grip push-ups (which I did properly for the first time EVER), kick-backs and overhead extensions...repeat 3 times. Then we sat down for some core work...Russian twists, oblique crunches, rooftop sit-ups and negatives. I really pushed myself, as I will not (yes, I said WILL NOT) go to Boot Camp until after Calgary on Sunday. Man, that was hard to accept, but then again, I don't want to do something stupid and totally screw up all the training I've done all year. So, no work out tomorrow or Friday, a slow 3km run on Saturday and then the big enchilada on Sunday! I think I'll be lucky to move on Monday, so am aiming to return to Boot Camp on Tuesday. And Trainer Josh is great, as I can go as many times as I need to get caught up.
After our usual hospital trip, I came home and made Rose Penne pasta (anyone watch the Philly cream cheese commercials?!). I boiled whole wheat penne, then heated the remainder of the tomato sausage sauce I had in the fridge and added a glob (very technical!) of cream cheese till it melted into the sauce. It was lovely, and I even have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.
Okay kids...I sat up till after midnight (got sucked into a really BAD Nick Cage movie) and am walking half asleep today. I'm going to bed right now...yes I am!!! can believe me...

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