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Saturday, May 29, 2010


So the person that beat me to the laundry room by 2 minutes today (at 3pm) is STILL doing laundry!! It's now 9pm!!! Grrrr... I packed up my laundry, grabbed a roll of quarters and headed out into the mist to go to the laundromat, only to discover it is closed. As in OUT OF BUSINESS!!!! WTF?!?! After a brief drive-around, hoping to stumble across another, I came home and decided to hunch over my sink and bath-tub and hand-wash only what I needed for tomorrow. Pray I rinsed them well enough and that they actually dry by morning. The one and only time Calgary has humidity and that's tonight...curses!!!
I ate my supper (sorry, no pics) and had some fresh cantaloupe melon for dessert. I'm drinking some water and am about to put in the Spirit of Marathon...guess Fat Boy will have to wait till after the race. Fingers crossed I don't hit that same wall this year!
I'm all packed up, details are on my bib, my oatmeal/yogurt concoction is mixed and ready in the fridge and the furbabies are getting the bed warm.
I am ready...if I keep telling myself this, perhaps I'll believe it.

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