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Friday, May 28, 2010

Only 2 more sleeps...

Race package in hand, I am now officially ready. Garrath, my marathon instructor was there picking up his package at the same time and he declared that I have a wicked good bib number, 1009. Says it's lucky... I'll take all the help I can get!!!
Only two more sleeps...tomorrow I will do some running around with Mom and then home for an EARLY night! I have Spirit of the Marathon on DVD to inspire me, and Run, Fat Boy Run on the PVR to remind me to laugh at life. Need to pick up a bagel for pre-run breakfast, and I'm planning out my usual Mediterranean Tuna toss for tomorrow's supper. It's always my pre-run go-to meal. Today's lunch was a piece of salmon, loads of zucchini and a green salad. I'm making sure I'm sticking to healthy, good carbs, good proteins, etc.
Dinner was whole wheat pasta with lemony egg sauce. Simple, delicious and FAST. While your pasta is cooking, whisk an egg and lemon juice (to taste) together. I add S&P, chili flakes, parsley...whatever I'm in the mood for. When the pasta is cooked, drain (leave about a tbsp of water in the pot) and put back into hot pot. Turn the burner off, toss in the egg mixture and stir like a mad-woman! Don't stop, or you'll have lemon scrambled eggs on pasta!!! Only takes about a minute, and the egg cooks enough that it becomes almost a creamy sauce. Top with cheese (if you have any...I did not) and eat. Was still a little munchy, so I just had a bowl of Kashi wheat squares and UVAB. That filled the hole!!
Funny...talking about the run earlier with Mom & Dad. Mom asked what I would win on Sunday for running, and I laughed, saying I was far too slow to win anything other than pride. Dad sat there quietly pondering, so I asked him what he was thinking..."why would you do something that you know you're not going to win?". Wow...for a couple of parents that NEVER pressured us to be the best of anything ('do a good job and don't get fired'...that was our life lesson) it was odd to hear that question come from him. I gave him my standard answer...I run because I can. Period. God hasn't taken my legs or my lungs or my spirit, so I will run until I can't. I may never win, but I will.never.quit.
I'm going to run for Dad on something he can't anymore.

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