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Monday, May 24, 2010

Rogue's Run recap

In what other run do you get to dress like a pirate for a good cause?! Garrath, our illustrious marathon instructor came up with the Rogue's Run (a subtle jab at those runners who complete races without registering...) and tonight was it's inaugural race. He decided on a pirate theme, because to quote him "there aren't enough races for pirates". And he's British and weird that way!! He's Captain Jack on the left.
It was a 10km and all the money raised, including a silent auction, went to an orphanage in Haiti, as one of the clinic runner's father was killed there in January, and this was the orphanage he was there helping. Who knows what it will support next year, but I'll be back...this was fun! I especially liked all the faces of the "innocents" out for their evening walks, when all us pirates went running by! Perfect night for a run too, although the wind on the way back was a little harsh...or we were just running that fast!
The gang after the run...the four in black are running an Ultra (50km) on Saturday...crazy people!
He won best costume, and still managed to clock in under 1 hour, despite a wardrobe malfunction along the route.
Jim, in the blue, came in 3rd overall. His medal was a cookie!!
I know it's not pretty, but besides Keira Knightly, what pirates are?! My eye patch was sweating down my face!! And that's my naughty parrot, that rode on my shoulder the whole way...he drops quite a few f-bombs!
So, how'd we do? I thought we did a very respectable 1:12:22, which Garrath is equally impressed with, given the fact that he thought I'd never make it to the start line for the marathon (and it's on Sunday), let alone finish! I have massively improved since starting the clinic in January. Who would have thunk...stick to a training program, and your running improves! Radical!!! So much different than this time last year...I was a good 25 pounds heavier, and since last May I've lost a total of 20" all over. I'm stronger, my cardio is kickin' and I will rock Calgary next weekend!
Okay, must go to bed...I'm going to get up bright and early and try to be the first in the lab tomorrow morning for the annual blood work, and then I have an appointment with my Pulmonary specialist later in the morning. Ready to knock his socks off too!

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