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Friday, May 21, 2010


I am beat...I honestly wonder how I am even putting one foot in front of the other right now. However, severe emotional and physical exhaustion didn't stop me from having one of the best boot camp sessions EVER!!! I did, you don't understand. Me, girl who has never, ever had upper body strength...girl who everyone mocked and laughed at during the stupid fitness tests in school...girl who's rotator cuffs hate doing even side plank and complain bitterly the whole!!!
Got to boot camp, wondering how on earth I was going to manage to do anything, other than use my mat for a nap in the grass, and did the torturous big-assed Edworthy hill. Hiked to the top (faster than walking, but definitely not running!) and than once I got my legs/air back, ran the ridge to the roadway. Didn't go all the way to the end of the park, but made it about 3/4's of the way. Got back to the mats for much shoulder work, before Trainer Josh decided we needed to do chin-ups. Ran over to the other park where the needed equipment was, and separated into two groups. Group one (mine) did count-down decline push-ups - feet on hill, hands below, do 10, run to other side of field, do 9, return, do 8, etc till the end. The other group did chin-ups. Once our push-ups were done, we switched. So, arms are already feeling it (oh, and we've already done shoulder presses before we even got here) when it was our turn. Trainer Josh had me start with bent-over lat pulls (rotator cuff issues) while he helped everyone else do their chin-ups. After about 40 lats, I decided I was ready to try a pull...and ended up doing 6! OMG!!!! I was so impressed with myself. Of course, I can barely move from the boobs up right now, and tomorrow is going to HURT but I like new "jock" me. After this, we moved back to our mats and did a circuit till the end of class.
Went something like this:
- Abs station: 20 full body bike, 15 overhead leg raises, 15 obliques (each side) and 25 Russian twists (weight side to side).
- Legs station: 20 squats, 5 (each leg) 'round the world lunges), 20 sumo squats
- Arms station: 20 bent-over lat pulls, 20 seated rows, 20 bicep curls
- Upper body/core station: 15 wide push-ups, 10 normal push-ups, 5 narrow push-ups, 20 up/down planks (from hands to elbows and back to hands), 10 side plank dips, each side.
Oh, and in between all of these?? That would be the cardio station: run to the cardio area, and do 15 jumping jacks, 15 high knees, 20 mountain climbers and 4 between each of the other stations!!! Almost lost what was left of lunch, but held it together and left class feeling great!
Got Mom and off to the hospital to visit Dad. After last night's Hospice tours (there aren't words to describe...) I phoned the palliative care unit and let them know our top 3 choices (sad that we have to give them 3 places to choose from). I really want Dad to go to Southwood, as it's the closest to Mom, is easy enough that she could drive to it (but most likely won't) and it's newer, bright, clean and the people were lovely. Second choice would be Chinook. Not far from where he is now, it is harder to get to so I will always be driving, it's old and dark and depressing. Really looks like somewhere people go to die. Last choice is Sarcee as it's quite a way away from Mom's, but I didn't go tour it, so I don't know what it looks like.
So now we sit and wait, sadly enough, for someone else to pass on so that Dad can spend his last days in comfort. This really is depressing...I know everyone dies, I know Dad's disease was going to progress to this stage and I know I'm the one holding it all together, but for 5 minutes I just want to be a 5-year-old again so I can crawl under the covers and make the world go away!! Of course, didn't help that as soon as we got to the hospital Dad was asking where he was going and when. Thought it was right away! Explained he was on the list and we were all on stand-by at this point. This is not fun...just saying.
Dropped Mom off, grabbed my latest Epicure order to unpack this weekend, came home and inhaled a bowl of whole wheat bowties with a tomato sausage sauce and am now getting ready for bed. Weigh-in tomorrow (good times) followed by some running around, haircut/colour (OMG it's making me crazy! It's touching my ears!!! Argh!) and then heading up to Glennifer Lake to visit with a couple of friends for the evening. T. used to be my boss, while J. is her brother who I used to work with as well. J. is moving back to Newfoundland next week, so it's one last get-together before he goes. We didn't hang out a lot, but when we did, it was fun as J. is a hoot. Funny how everyone perked up when I said I was going out with J. Trust me, folks...he doesn't like all...period. So just relax already.
Okay, that's it for me. I may ramble tomorrow when I get home from the lake, or it may wait till Sunday after our grueling 6km LSD. Tapering is cool! Only 9 more sleeps!!!! Getting EXCITED!!! May even get to see D. from Hamilton (met her at a few races, including Melissa's last year...friend of H-woman) at the race, although she's running the Half, so will most likely be finishing brunch and on her way to the mountains before I cross the finish line. Oh well...we'll cheer each other on in spirit, I'm sure.


Cathy said...

You are so strong! I hope when my turn comes I will be able to handle all the various situations with as much strength of character as you. I do know the whole idea of it scares me and you're right; as much as it's great being an adult, there are many times I would like to turn back time and not be the responsable one. Even though I'm out physically out east, I'm still there with you, all the way, where ever that way takes us.

Cowgirl Warrior said...

I've been where you are except it was my mom. I being an only child and parents seperated I shouldered the responsibility as you seem to be as well. You are perfectly entitled to a moment of being a 5 year old. I know I did after my mother passed away. I just sat down and one heck of a good cry.

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