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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Food-apa-looza Update

It has been a stressful week...hell, it's been a stressful month!! My Dad went into the hospital on April 8th and has not come home yet. When my brother was there on Thursday, he said they had moved Dad to a private room...I did not like the sounds of that. Was he being belligerent and bothering his roommate (a young French lady) or the nurses?? Was he being moved into a private "death" room, like his former roommate was??? My stomach did not do so well, and I immediately wanted more junk food. Still had leftover TimTams and ice cream from Wednesday...well, not anymore! Got a hold of Mom in the morning, and gave her hell for not answering her phone last night. "Oh, did you phone?"....yes, Mom, twice. "Oh, guess I didn't hear it". Note to self...add hearing test to medical check-list.
Went over last night (after a lovingly brutal boot camp - I swear Trainer Josh is trying hard to make us all vomit!), and after we found the new room, a nurse came in to give Dad a shot - in full protective gear. Mask, gloves, gown...uh-oh. What is up with all the layers, I ask innocently enough - turns out Dad doesn't just have pneumonia (again) but he also has MRSA which is NOT good for someone with an already weakened immune and pulmonary system. Crap... I asked if we should gear up, and while she suggested masks, she just said to wash up really good before we leave and no touching, if possible. Tried to explain it to Mom, but I don't think she really understood. She was more concerned about how a hospital (the cleanest place on earth, in her mind) could have super bugs. To make it even worse for Dad, now that he has no one to talk to, is the fact that the hospital messed up moving his phone and TV, so he was without both still last night. Wait, he did have channel...the Hospital channel, as a matter of fact. He will be well versed on how to hold a child to feed it, how to properly wash your hands before a meal and I think they were discussing mammograms at one point. Oh my...
As we were visiting, my phone buzzed with a text message. H-woman informed me that she had curry bubbling on the stove, if I was interested! Gotta go, Dad!!! Okay, so we didn't bail that quickly, but it's like H. read my mind...I needed something healthy, already cooked and ready to eat last night...otherwise it was home to chips and salsa!! It was the best curry EVER! Bulgar, curried mixed vegetables and lamb Korma. OMG! H. really is an awesome cooker, and her man S. had better appreciate that!
Came home, didn't even turn the computer on, watched a bit of the news and went to bed. Had very odd dreams all night (uh, imagine that...) and finally got up this morning in time to get dressed and head to WW meeting.
Up .4 this week, which is just fine with me. Told my leader Faye that I at least acknowledged my emotions before I stuffed them down my throat! I am going to sit down this weekend though, and organize my kitchen/life to make sure I have healthy dinners on hand that I can whip up or heat up quickly, when I'm getting home after 8pm each night. The gain did send my skipping (ever so slightly) back under 50 pounds down, but it's not major and I can easily get rid of that. Just have to eliminate the stress in my life right now...bahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!
After WW, I picked up a couple of things at Walmart, including a really smart looking little black dress...for $25!! I also picked up a really cheap pair of running pants, so that I can dress like a Pirate on May 24th. My marathon clinic instructor Garrath is hosting a charity 10K called the Rogue's Run - because there just aren't enough Pirate themed races!! I think I've figured out how to make one leg look like it's wooden, and I stopped into the VV Boutique (Value Village) and found the perfect puffy pirate shirt!! Add a bandanna, sword, big gold earring, belt and fill my treasure chest (also found at VV) with gold chocolate coins, and I am set to go! Should be fun, and that's the whole point. Oh, and helping an orphanage in Haiti...nice guy, our clinic instructor is.
Going to meet up with K. and L. tomorrow morning for our 32km LSD. I've mapped out a section from the Calgary Marathon (which we're all doing) that incorporates the most hills, so we can get an idea of the course and the terrain. Only 21 days, 10 hours, 59 minutes and change in seconds to go. Can't wait to prove to myself that I am better then any marathon course!! I even printed off 3 pace for each of my goal paces. We'll see on race day which one I follow the most.
All right...I've had a coffee and a piece of way too fatty raspberry lemon loaf for breakfast. My body is screaming for real food now. After lunch, I'll go pick up Mom and head over to the hospital, to see how Dad is doing. Then home to a healthy dinner and early night. Those 32km aren't going to run themselves!

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