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Sunday, April 17, 2011

The things I'll do for a race

It's 6:26am and I'm sitting here, eating a bowl of steel-cut oats with walnuts and banana, sipping a coffee and wondering if the race that starts in an hour and half is a go or not. After all, it has snowed, continuously, since Friday night. While it melted on the sidewalks, it got nice and cold overnight, which means for ultra slick conditions this morning. Good times. It's presently -5C (22F) with a windchill of -10C (14F) and IT.IS.STILL.SNOWING. You don't know how relieved I am to still be talking windchills in April! The Policeman's Half is challenging enough (we run in and back out of Weaslehead Park, which has a SOB of a hill (our own version of Heartbreak Hill) and I don't think the City maintains it, because it falls onto Native land. I'm debating which shoes to wear, because I want to be safe, but I also don't want to clunk around in my trail runners for 21km. I keep checking their website, as the race director said yesterday the decision to cancel the race will come out in the morning. I'll be really bummed to get all the way there, only to find out I could have stayed in the bed the whole time. Just because of Easter...we're going through this for Easter. Normally this race is the last Sunday in April, so it would have been next weekend, where the forecast shows temps in the double digits. Positive double digits. I guess this officially makes me a runner. Off to change. Race recap later. Let's see if anyone shows up. Later,

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