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Monday, April 11, 2011

le tired...

After getting up at 6 am (could have sworn I was on vacation!) and on a train at 7:10, I spent the day here: le Chateau Frontenac, in Old Quebec. I walked loads (anyone needs hill training, please go to Old Quebec! Wicked hills...EVERYWHERE! Arrived about 10:30, and spent the day wandering around and around and around. Sadly, much of the walkways and parks were closed due to the time of year, and even the museums were closed because it was Monday. I did head into a pub when it started to rain, and finally gave up and went back to the train station early, because it was really coming down and I was getting soaked. But it was still a great day, albeit a very long one. Returned to Montreal at 9:00pm. Very long day and I am too tired to fight with photos, so I'll do another post when I return to Calgary. In the meantime, I'll leave you with this: is a coin-operated French Fry machine.

I have no more words.

Bonne nuit,

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