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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Runners

I decided it was time for a new pair of runners, and since I still have my mad on with Asics, I went with Saucony this time. Yesterday I walked over to the local gym (Talisman) and ran on the indoor track. Man, I HATE running indoors!!! It's hot, it's humid (Talisman has a huge pool) and it's BORING. Around and around and around I went. But I ran for 20 minutes, went and ran up and down the fire exit stairs (5 x 18 steps each direction) before returning for a final 10 minutes on the track. Ended the day with a last blast at the stairs, just to make sure that my toes weren't pounding into the toe box. They felt good, so today we went outside. Typical Tuesday tempo run, but none of us were feeling the speed, so we settled for a consistent steady run instead. However, I shut off Mr. Garmin to adjust my shoes and forgot to turn him back on. Boo... Asking one of the others in the group, it appears we did 6km in about 44 minutes, or a 7:43 pace.

Food today was good...cheerios and almond milk for breakfast, fresh fruit salad for snack, and the last of the Easter dinner from Sunterra, salmon and a wild rice pilaf with barley. The salmon was fabulous and the pilaf was tasty and interesting. Add the last of the carrots, snap peas and sweet potato and I had a well rounded meal.

Dinner was a whole wheat bagel ham sandwich, toasted with some cheese and tomato. Fast and simple as I was running late for run clinic. After clinic, and a quick coffee and a gab, I came home to steam clean the carpets in one of the suites. Better to do in the bright daylight, so I'll go over the floor tomorrow afternoon before returning the unit to the store. Why I try to crowd everything together all at once is beyond me, but I do appear to work better under pressure. Speaking of...time to find something for lunch tomorrow and go make it. I'm trying to start getting a more consistent amount of sleep, water and proper food before Calgary (5 weeks and counting) so that I can kick this one to the curb!

I do have another Half on Saturday, and oh, boy, they're calling for snow on Friday!! Seriously?! When do I get to run a race WITHOUT snow to contend with????? Grrrrrrrr!!

Happy thoughts...only think happy thoughts. Here...crocus' from my garden, doing their best to put a smile on my face.


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