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Monday, April 4, 2011

And then there was none

Or very little, at least. Most of the snow, all 21+ cm of it that fell on Saturday, smashing a record along the way, and many poor trees, is almost all gone. The front of my building is almost bare of snow, and the large piles along the side are completely gone. It was a bit of a sloppy walk in this morning (yes, I wore the Birks) and on the way home, the toes did get a little damp on more than one occasion. But it's spring, and I'm wearing sandals, dammit! Day 2 of month end, and everything seemed to go smoothly. I had another adjustment booked today at the chiropractor's and after yesterday's shovelling, that was a good thing. Oh, that's till evil therapist Dave got to me, and his very best to make me cry!! I don't think thumbs are to disappear into one's hip bones like that!!! Just sayin'!! Owwwwiieee... After the chiro (which I walk to, probably a km or so) I took the rent deposit to the bank, walked back across the river to the post office (other side of my building from chiro) then up to a food court for lunch. Chinese may have been consumed...there wasn't any evidence leftover for me to verify that with, however. Back to the office, when I realize that my car/house keys are not in my coat pockets...or my purse. Crap! Call the bank, and after 20+ minutes of being on hold with the call centre dude in Winnipeg (not going to help much, since I live in Calgary!), he did come back on to tell me that yes, I did leave them at the branch and that I could pick them up from reception. Great...add another km on to my walk home, as I first head off in the opposite direction. Get said keys (after receptionist says "what are you talking about?" before finally hunting them down) and then home, past work, in just enough time to change and get my butt to boot camp. Or should I call it Lake Pain. The park is practically flooded from all the snow/melt, but we made do and got our sweat on! Many, many, many, many squats later (again, good thing I have another adjustment tomorrow) before we switched to mega painful upper body stuff - who's idea was it to pull out the "big girl 10-pounders"?? Oh yeah...I remember now. That would have been me. Must have been drinking or something. I picked up a not-feeling-so-well H-woman, and we headed off for noodles (much needed for us both) and to close up her Epicure party that she successfully hosted on Saturday. Did a good job too, considering all the snow. Enjoyed our dinner, did some shopping (for her) in the Epicure catalogue and then everyone home. Made a serious dent in the dirty dishes in my sink, and got all the rent stuff done for another month. Plotting out tomorrow - home, clean, change litter, pick up cat food and insulin for George, drop off groceries for Mom, home and pack. Decided to drive myself to the airport since it'll be cheaper to park in this one parkade for the week then it will be for me to take a cab there and back. Especially since they shut down the major (and fastest, most direct) route to get there. So what if the airplanes need a place to land! I need a place to drive to get to said airport so that said planes have a reason to take off in the first place! Huh...did the city planners think of that?! No. Later,

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