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Sunday, April 3, 2011

The day after

It finally stopped about midnight, and left behind anywhere from 8-10" of wet, heavy snow. Sounds like a tree (a rather large) from down the street bit it in the storm...there's just remnants of a stump left this morning. The city got it cleaned up fast, as it fell into the street. Wonder if there were any cars parked under it.

Speaking of cars...that lump appears to be one!

Took me 90 minutes but I finally got my walkways cleaned. I think I sweat as mush as I usually do when I run. It was so toasty in the sunshine that I ended up ditching my coat and shovelling in just a t-shirt. It's supposed to warm up significantly tomorrow, which means we are in for one sloppy mess by the end of the day. Boot camp should be fun, since Friday (before the snow) was sloppy enough in the puddles, mud and snow still left from winter. But at least we're outside again. That's all that matters.

Food has been very erratic all weekend, as I haven't actually been hungry, and I don't want to fill my fridge with food since I'm leaving in two days. So it's been dips and bread, frozen pizza (the new Buffalo Chicken...m-eh) and bowls of cereal.

I did not get up and go running this morning. My heart and back just weren't into it, so I decided to stay home and tackle the sidewalks instead. Took it nice and slow, resting and stretching a lot in between, and the back feels okay. But it's a good thing I return to Dr. Jay and his healing hands tomorrow and Tuesday.

Time to make a few lists...what I need to get done around here, what I need to pack, who I need to contact, etc, before I fly out on Wednesday. Three more sleeps!


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