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Friday, April 8, 2011

Conference, Day 2

Didn't really post anything about Day 1, but after I went to the afternoon session (Opening Ceremonies, Product Launch (exciting things for spring, but that's all I can say until April 16th) and the Recognition Rally), I had time to find a bite to eat for dinner - wandered over to St. Catherine's Street, but after passing many scary people (and I live in downtown Calgary, heart of scary) I retreated to the underground mall for safety. Too bad all those stores are wasted on me. After all, we have most, if not all, in Calgary already (that I don't shop at) and really, why on earth would I willingly pay 8.5% more for something that I can get at home?? Craziness, I tells you. But the concept is cool, and I just kept following the signs and made it back to my hotel in time to change and head to Mardi Gras night.

First night of conference is some kind of party, to let the ladies (and quite a few men this year) unwind. Okay, so it ends at 9:30, but I'm sure many continued the party back to their rooms. I'm sure the cleaning staff loved us, as there were beads and feathers everywhere, as everyone dressed in their New Orleans finest. I did have on mask and beads, but I have some trouble moving pictures around on this little notepad, so I'll be sure to post some tomorrow.

Today started early, as I was up at 7:30 (isn't this supposed to be a vacation?), and after a quick breakfast of eggs and toast, spent the rest of the day indoors, save for a 15 minute break that I went and sat in the park across the street to get some much needed vitamin D. Today we talked about our compensation package, exciting changes coming the in next year to make our lives as consultants easier, learned some skills to help build our businesses. Lunch was provided, so as I said, I made it outside for all of 15 minutes.

Then it was time to get gussied up for Gala. This is when we honour those ladies (and gentleman this year) for sales, achieving unit leader status, group growth, group sales, etc. And we heard where and when Conference 2012 will be, but not sure if it's still a secret, so I'll hold onto that one for now. Met up with another sales consultant that didn't feel well enough to attend Gala, but still needed to eat dinner. Ate at one of the other restaurants in the hotel, and it was awesome. Ordered the Portuguese Mussels, with Chorizo. O.M.G.!!!! I must have had at least 2 pounds of mussels, and they come with frites. I think I love it here! Got upstairs in time for the champagne reception, and then sat down in the grand ballroom No one told me there would be food!!! That's why I went for dinner!!! But thankfully it wasn't a full meal (some little appie things, pita, olives, hummus) and then some little desserts (pistachio cookies, mini tarts with apricots,chocolate dipped strawberries). I am full...but that's not stopping me from enjoying one final glass of red for the night.

Okay, tomorrow starts at the same time as today, and will go through till about 6. Yoikes. Guess that means I should get to bed.

Bonne nuit,

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