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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Sunday

As predicted, today (the normal day for the Policeman's Half) is absolutely gorgeous out. The snow is all gone, it's +14C, the sun is shining and the birds singing. What a difference a week makes. But what do you do? As it turns out, my time on the Half matched my clinic instructors time in Boston on Monday! Almost to the second!! Good job G. I shall run that with you one day...I will so!!

So, where the heck have I been? Haven't posted all week, but that's because by the time I got home from work, ate, did whatever running around (boot camp, running clinic) I had to do, and dealt with apartment stuff (some a-hole decided it would be "fun" to pull the fire alarm at 1:30 in the to deal with 911, firemen (they sent 3 trucks!) and angry tenants (I`m not the one who pulled the dang alarm, by the way), which resulted in pretty much zero hours of sleep for me. Been catching up all week.

Boot camp has been good, as I`m trying to go back all in. I really want to run Calgary at a lower weight than last year, but it may just end up being at a lower weight period. Really want to work on my strength and toning as well, so the 10-pounders are back, and man, are they heavy! Running clinic was also good this week, although I`m still suffering the effects of all the good food I had in Montreal, I think. I need to up the oats to try and scrub some of the smoked meat out of my arteries!!

Had a glorious Good Friday off, although I still made it to boot camp at 5. Great to be working out in the sunshine, finally. Kicked our (okay, mine at least) butts with a good old fashioned circuit of weights and cardio. Left there quite exhausted. Spent yesterday picking up cat food for Mom`s babies, groceries for Mom and Easter dinner for the both of us. Sunterra Market was kind enough to cook us ham, scalloped potatoes, fresh spring veggies and some awesome chocolate fruit tartletts. There was also an asparagus spring salad, and tomato soup, but Mom doesn`t really like soup, so that will be my lunch tomorrow.

Got up bright and early today for an enjoyable 23km training run. Although, I have forgotten how to dress for warm weather (although I did remember sunscreen today) and while I ran with capries and a long-sleeved tech shirt, I also had a light vest over top and totally overheated by km 20. That`s okay...I know by now to listen to my body and when it says STOP, I stop. Walked back the final km`s, and finished the day feeling quite okay with my run. Stopped at the local Lebanese place in Eau Claire, and picked up lunch of felafel's, salad, rice, hummus and tzatziki. Hit the spot nicely.

I have tomorrow off as well (we don`t get the holiday in February, so my company gives us 4 days at Easter instead), so I`m going to wander over to the local track to test out the new runners I bought - would have done that today, but I was seriously beat after the run this morning - before I commit to them. Saucony`s, which I have never worn before, but I`m just so mad at Asics for changing their shoe styles, resulting in many, many lost toenails for me. Boo.

There...all caught up. Hope everyone is enjoying Easter, or Passover or whatever it is that you choose to enjoy. Spring has sprung in Calgary! Take advantage of it, quick...who knows how long it`ll last.


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