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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Still don't like flying

I had hoped that with fancy new luggage, I would also find an appreciation of rushing to an airport at the crack of stupid, lining up for the privilege to be searched and cramming myself into a space made for someone half my size. I was wrong. Although it is pretty and I do love the wheels! Left my home at 5:30 this morning, and got to the airport in plenty of time. Which was good, as security was lined up out the place! Found a Starbuck's and I was officially a happy girl. Until I got on the plane! One of those nice ones with only 4 seats and today was National "if you have small children, please come fly with us" day. Plugged in and prepared for a long flight. Had my natural Gravol to keep the stomach settled, and even risked breakfast later into the flight. An egg bad is that? Did fine (kept taking the stomach aid, as it recommended) until we hit the approach to Montreal. They warned us about turbulence, but because Montreal was so cloudy, we became the little silver ball in God's giant pinball machine! I did deep breathing, I focused on my movie (the Black Swan...enjoyed True Grit better), I told myself all was fine. I did think to grab for the barf bag this time around, and thankfully so. Made it right to the ground, and as we're pulling up to the gate...wammo! I was so hopeful this time. So part of my mission when I'm out and about is to find some serious, hardcore stomach settling stuff. Tired of being the only one who pukes on planes. Ran into another Epicure lady on her way to conference, so between the two of us, we found the bus that drops us off at the door. Okay, technically just up the street, but $8 for a pass that's good for 24 hours?? Sweet. Checked in the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth hotel, dealt with a minor glitch (I had booked my return date as the 12th, but it should be the 13th) and came up to my home away from home for the next 7 days. Very comfy - am heading for a brief nap soon, as I got all of 4 hours myself last night and no, I did not sleep on the plane. Sweet little bathroom...don't care how big it is, as long as it's got a shower. But most view!

Okay, so it's not so pretty and I have no idea what direction I am pointed in (where's my mountains?!), but I am in Montreal and am going to have a tres manufic time - sorry, my knowledge of writing French is even worse than my speaking of it...after all, it's been over 30 years since my last French class!

Bon Jour,

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H-woman said...

I think the word you're looking for is magnifique. Have fun!


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