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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Foiled but not beaten

This is what I was looking for, while wandering the streets of Montreal. My mission, which I chose to accept, was to eat the fabled Lobster Poutine, made by the man behind the nondescript door, Chuck Hughes. Unfortunately, there were no seats (once you find the place!), not even for a hungry single gal in the big city, so I made reservations for Tuesday evening. A fitting way to spend my last night, no?? Here is where I am staying. Right across the street is this greenish stuff...I think they call it grass. As a Calgarian, I would not know what that is. In fact, there was stuff "growing"...again, not a clue.

Wandered cobblestone streets.

Found Notre Dame.

Came back to the hotel STARVING...after all, I ate an egg sandwich on the plane at 10ish (and sadly, lost some), and now it was after 6. Decided to eat in the hotel restaurant, but the more upscale one. You know the kind, with all the dark wood and gold curtains, large chairs, piano player in the corner cranking out the tunes of yesteryear. Sipped on a Bloody Caesar (OMG, celery has never tasted so good - so hungry!) and munched on their version of a bread basket. Three bowls consisting of olives, vegetable chips and Asian mix (wasabi peas, sesame crunchies, etc). Ordered the Montreal Smoked Meat Sammie (when in Rome...) and barely got through it and the pile of frites (made the way a French Fry is to be made), fresh veggies and coleslaw.

Back up to the room, where I actually had a soak in the tub with a glass of wine (mini bar = danger) before crashing at 10. And I mean crashing!

Up and about for a wander this morning. So cool, as I can get to the mall across the street without going outside. I guess instead of +15's like home, we could call them -15's. Everything is underground. Bought some stuff at Shopper's and Staples before finding a breakfast place where I enjoyed a breakfast clubhouse (eggs instead of chicken or turkey) and a cup of coffee. Also, since I'm right on top of the train station, I booked my ticket to Quebec City for Monday, and the ticket agent most awesomely booked me window seats for both ways. Can't wait.

Guess I should finish getting ready, as Conference starts at 1. Wish me luck.

Bon Jour,

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Cowgirl Warrior said...

I love Montreal, the last time I was there I found the shopping to be incredible especially around where you are and all those shops linked under ground. There was a really need Quebec department store that some super cute clothes. I was thinking of making it my goal weigh city and going on wardrobe rebuild when I hit goal.

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