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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Montreal, a pictogram

If you are staying in Montreal, allow me to recommend the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth on Rene Leveques Boulevard. Beautiful hotel, lovely restaurants, shopping ( I walked away from the $698 dress!) and is walking distance to Old Montreal and the water. By walking distance, I`d 3-4 blocks to Old Montreal, and a km to the water. The staff were all wonderful, if you register as a Fairmont Member, then you get free WiFi in the rooms, and everyone went out of their way to make me feel valued as a client.

On my wanders...Notre Dame. This is where Celine and Rene tied the knot. A bit over the top, but if you`ve got it, flaunt it.

This is Queen Mary`s church, right down the road from the hotel. Lots of churches in Montreal.

Just up the road (okay, 1-2km) is McGill University. I hiked up to see what the castle in the distance was...closest I`ll ever get to going to McGill!

Loved the art scattered around town. This piece was phenomenal. The detailing was breath-taking.

The Molson Bank of Canada...wonder why it never caught on. Maybe the staff were drunk on beer all the time!

Expo `67 produced some weird architecture. These are condos.

The Globe thing.

Amusement park across the water from Old Montreal.

The other side...I think there may have been people fishing.

Loved the old buildings.

Another 400-yr-old church.

Original Fire Hall in Old Montreal.

Me feeding Kate, after she so wonderfully pulled me around town.

Loved the squares and areas around town. They must be crazy busy in the summer.

More artwork.

Needless to say, I loved Montreal and can`t wait to return. Just have to deal with the whole flying there issue.

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