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Thursday, April 28, 2011

All my fault

Yes, Calgary, I will shoulder the blame for the snow today...and the snow predicted for tonight and the snow for tomorrow. I know, some of you are like "what the fizzle, ma dizzle?!" but yes, it snowed today. April 28th! And all because of me. You see, while I haven't actually changed my winter tires yet (Tuesday, however) or put away my shovel or brush, I do have a race first thing Saturday morning. Mother Nature has decided that I need to learn how to run in snow...and only in snow. Oh, and a little ice for extra fun. So, be warned will (or should) snow again on May 13th, May 28th, June 11th, July 9th (don't's happened!) and August 20th. Although, technically, that race is in Edmonton, so maybe I'll just learn what heat stroke at mile 25 feels like! I'll probably be praying for snow. Add to that I had another appointment with Mom today, and every.single.time that I have had to drive to get her and go to an appointment, it's snowed, blowed and generally been a rotten day outside! Growing weary of it, I tells ya.

Because of the appointment, I drove to work this morning. I feel so silly driving 1.2km to work! Heck, some mornings I swear it takes as long to drive as it does to walk! And big surprise for me!! I forgot to fill up on my way home from running last night, and for that little oversight, I got to pay .05/litre more! WTF?!?! What did I miss??? But again, what exactly are we to do about it? I remember when I could fill my tank for less than $ it was almost double that. Sucks.

After the meeting with the lawyer, settling up some documents and stuff for Mom (I am a "ducks in a row" type person), we went to Jack Astor's for supper. I was craving a burger, and they do make a wicked good bacon cheese variety. I love a cheese burger that is shaved cheese, not a slice of processed or even a slab of regular, but shaved so it was all melty, ooey, gooey goodness. Yummo!

Got home and really haven't done much since. Tired, but too tired to go to bed, you know?? I thought I'd clear off a bit of the PVR (I heart Glee) so that I had loads of room for the Wedding. I'm starting recording at 1am and running it till 8. Last time (yes, I was old enough to remember) I was working nights and got off shift in time to get home and turn the TV on. Sadly, I was off work in '97, so I sat up to watch her funeral too. I am too old for such foolishness now...thank goodness for technology!


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