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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Quebec City, a pictogram

Did I mention that the Queen E is not only centrally located in Montreal, attached to the underground shopping malls and only a $38 cab ride to the airport, it is also right on top of the Central Train station, and therefore very convenient to get to Quebec City.

While it was a cooler, damp day, I still had a lovely afternoon of wandering around, after my 3.5hr train trip through the countryside.

The Grand Dame...Chateau de Frontenac. She rises over the entire city, and proved to be quite the hike to get to her. But all my walking offset the ham & swiss crepe I had for lunch, as well as the smoked meat Reuben I had for supper that night!

Again, as a Calgarian, living in a baby of a city (oldest building around here is maybe 100 years, and we tend to have the ``it`s old, so tear it down`` mentality about us - hugely sad).

The wall that winds its way through Old Quebec. Most of it was closed due to snow, ice and general restoration work.

Loved the narrow streets.

Provincial Parliament building.

More narrow streets. I walked A LOT!!

Old churches everywhere.

So picturesque.

Two fabulous murals...the one on the left depicts famous Quebecois throughout history, while the right side depicts typical living way back when.

Lots of hills and stairs in Old Quebec. In fact, just saw a race for the Staircase Challenge in June. Too soon...maybe next year.

Irish influence everywhere in town. Finished my day in one such pub, hoisting a pint and enjoying cheese and bread. A fitting way to leave Quebec, I feel.

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