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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Still snowing...

Yes, that's right. After the "record-breaker" on Thursday, it has been snowing all day and is supposed to continue on through the night into tomorrow afternoon. Good thing I have a Half Marathon to complete! Why must all my runs look like this lately?

I will be running on the other side of the reservoir tomorrow...yes, there is another side! Sigh...

So, where have I been since I got back from Montreal (where I got sunburned on Sunday, only to return to this! Grrrr)?? Wednesday I just did not feel well, so stuck to the couch/bed. Thursday was spent trucking Mom about. Friday I did walk down to the Tech Shop to pick up my race package and souvenir Hoodie, but really stuck close to the house, until boot camp. Oh, how I missed Boot Camp! We worked HARD on Friday - we were a big group and all women, so Trainer Josh turned into Mean Trainer Josh. Actually had us in stitches the whole time, as he pretended he was from different boot camps (Soldiers of Fitness, Booty, Bikini, etc.). He had a different voice for each, which made doing the bent-over rows/lat pulls quite difficult while laughing. I walked away exhausted and sore but happy. Despite the snow!

Zumba started today as well (yay!!) and we really got our sweat on! I was drenched head to toe (you can see where I sweat through my Vibram toe gloves! Eeeewwww, I know. TMI) and had a blast. Sadly no class next week (Easter) and then I'll miss the 30th due to another race (oh pray for no snow). Running clinic will start winding down, as goal races appear on the horizon, and I'm not sure when the next clinic will be. Whatever will I do with all my spare time?!

Okay, must go get some dinner in me, as I'll have an early night. I'll post some pics from Quebec, Montreal and Garde Manger tomorrow. Back to the grind on Monday...wonder if we won the lottery last night? That would be so sweet.


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