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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


This is my cutie-patootie great-niece...she is 10 months old, and unfortunately looks like she was in a bar fight! She went 10 rounds with the family dog (hers) so I can only hope the dog looks worse!!

It was a day of no today. No Boot Camp (the others are wimps!), no new job (details to follow), no chocolate in my house for me to eat - which is a good thing!
The good news is that my ankle and tendons appear to be healing...I don't have to return to the chiro for a whole 10 days, which considering I was there twice a week not too long ago is quite good. Walked home in the latest storm to hit Calgary (again, happy that I walk!) and reminded myself to pull out a scarf for neck was cold!!! After the long walk, I had a quick snack of whole grain chips and salsa, and then went out and shovelled the walks. That was basically my cardio and workout for the day.
Today was day 1 of month end, so again, no running at lunch. Although we are doing well, and are right on schedule to finish our tasks by noon tomorrow. Then I get an email from one of the VP's asking to meet me regarding my recent job application. See, I work for a very large, national company and there was a Director's position that opened up, that I would like to transition into one day. I honestly didn't think I possessed everything they were looking for, so was very excited/nervous/shit-scared when we set the meeting! Sadly, it was to tell me that I didn't get it. But hey, they didn't have to do that at all, and I really appreciate the one-on-one face time with the VP. And as I explained, it was just as important to me that they know that I am looking to move up with the company, and this way they'll know my name. C. the VP said that I was very well known in the company by all sorts of people, and the feeling I got was that it was all very positive at that! Found out who got the job, and C. was right...he really is perfect for the position, so all the power to him. And when it's time for him to move on to a manager or such posting, I'll be there waiting...discussed job shadowing and other jobs that may help me get further ahead. Still, it was a very useful and interesting meeting and one that I will be sure to thank him for again tomorrow. After all, I plan on retiring from this company many, many years down the road from now and hopefully from a corner office!
The other ladies bailed on Boot Camp - "it's too cold and snowy"...hey, it's not my fault that we can't work out inside...okay, so technically it is, but I did offer to sign any waiver they wanted, but no. So I will go tomorrow night to Edworthy Park...somehow I envision that I will be working out at Edworthy a lot over the next 3 weeks, with the other ladies working out inside. What ever...I was going to go for a run when I got home, but I decided to pick up some groceries (10% Tuesday!) instead. Hauled home 3 bags full (remember, I walk!), so that was a good little bit of cardio too.
Dinner last night was outstanding...tossed cubed butternut squash, pecan pieces and maple syrup in a pan and baked till golden...O.M.G. that was GOOOOOOOD!! Just like pieces of candy, I tell you. Tried Epicure Oven Roast with some of the maple syrup on a piece of chicken, but that really didn't work out like I planned...didn't really enjoy it. Side was a sliced pepper.
Tonight was "cheater" clam chowder. Sweat off some diced celery and onion, add 1 can of drained & rinsed clams, 2 cans of cream of potato soup and a can of fat free evaporated milk. All that was missing was bacon - thought I had some in the freezer, but nope. Next time. Mix till heated through and enjoy. Have enough for lunch tomorrow too. Trying to make sure I pack breakfast and lunch every day, except maybe Fridays. However, I didn't have leftovers last night, so I bought today. The good news is our deli can't fry food, but the bad news is I'm still not in total control of what goes into the meals. Today was a Thai chicken salad, which was quite lovely, and extra heavy on the fresh veggies. I left most of the rice noodles at the bottom of the container.

'Kay...I'm heading off to bed. I'm also trying to get enough sleep, and know that I do poorly with that. So must stand up, shut off computer and go to now...okay, really I mean it this!

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