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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Oh, my aching back, Part Deux!

Must remember to stretch after shovelling the walk! My back is killing me is my head. Now before you all blame the Baileys, I didn't even finish the one ounce I had in my coffee yesterday. Not sure why my head hurt so much, but it was pounding before I went to bed, when I went to bed, when I woke up to feed the kids at 5:30 and when I got up at 8:30. Popped some Advil, slugged back a coffee (my doctor has recommended caffeine with the painkillers - in fact one med I took in college when I had chronic migraines was 90-some % caffeine), and got going on getting ready for the Epicure party I was headed to in the afternoon.
Still dang cold out there, but the car started fine (forgot to plug her in) and the roads (once I got off the side streets, that is) were mostly clean and dry. However, I feel for anyone that was parked along side a plowed road...most cars were buried up past the bottom of the doors. I think some people are in for a rude awaking tomorrow morning when they head out to go work! Again, thrilled that I walk!
Dropped off some stuff at work after the Epicure party (sales are awesome so far...envisioning another $1,000 party, which means $250 for moi!) and then popped into Safeway to pick up some quick stuff for dinner. My kitchen was a total disaster and I had no desire to cook anything. Besides, I had a tub of guacamole leftover from the party - just needed some tortillas to dip in it. Somehow managed to come home with a bag of whole wheat tortillas, 2 cans of diced tomatoes, some artichoke spinach dip, 2 frozen pizzas and yet another recipe book. How does that freaking happen??? Came home, ate the dip, the guac, tortillas (just two of them) and burnt the pizza. Did a load of dishes and 3 loads of laundry, spread salt on the sidewalk (not enough snow to shovel but enough to be a pain) and watched the season finale of Amazing Race. One last 'to do' on the list and then it's bed, and back to the grind of work.
Where did the weekend go???

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Tricia said...

Hope you back gets to feeling better!

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