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Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday already?

Can't believe how fast the weekend flew by...granted, when it's freaking cold and snowing all weekend, what else is there to do beside shovel, shiver, curse, shovel more, shiver more, curse louder!
I was excited Friday...I was taking the financial plunge and getting winter tires for my car. Let me explain: I have been driving in Calgary winters for 30 years now, and never had winter tires. My parents never had winter tires, unless you count the day of studded ones. Which have been gone for longer than most of you have been alive, so moot point. But after last year and the first few dumps this year, something has changed, and I feel less confident on those roads. So winter tires it is.
I had driven to work, as the tire place where I get them (I'm loyal to people who give me good service) is about 20 minutes south of Calgary, and it was once again snowing and blowing on Friday. Ironic that I was afraid to drive the highways in order to get winter tires so I would be comfortable driving the highways...makes my head hurt! Anyway, I left work, got to the parking lot, cleaned out the trunk of my car to prepare for 4 all seasons being tossed in, and closed my hatch. And then watched, in a combination of disbelief, shock and abject horror as the window of my hatch literally blew up! One tra-zillion pieces of glass now lay in my trunk, where a window used to be. Did I mention it was snowing?? Did I also mention that it was -12C?? And to top things off, I had a good hour drive ahead of me, to get out of the city, onto the highway and into Okotoks to get my new tires. Are you freaking kidding me?!?!?!
So, with heat cranked, and toque and gloves on, I drove to Okotoks. Thought I had prepared a little, as I had a blanket in the back that I tried to cover the space with...worked fine till the semi passed me and now I'm suddenly showering innocent commuters with a combination of broken glass and trunk lint!!! Got to Okotoks and asked for a phone book...decided to make good time of my waiting, and try to find a window. Oh...did I also mention that I drive a 1990 Plymouth Laser...a vehicle that has not been produced for almost as long as I've owned the car?! Which is over 20 years...crap. I still haven't heard from the nice lady at the first glass place that was "going to make some calls and get back to me". Um, okay...
Now the funny part of the story starts - if you can't laugh, you can only cry, and what good does that do? Anyway, drive back to Calgary (all confident with my winter tires) in more snow, with the blanket firmly tucked under 4 all seasons (the tire guy asked, somewhat perplexed, if I wanted them in the back of the car - think he was worried they may 'fly' out or something! Oh, and no offer of any kind of assistance from them, as far as plastic or a garbage bag or!), heading to my parent's house. Got there, parked on the driveway of their garage, hiked down the alley to their side fence, through to 2' of snow that no one has shovelled to the house, to get the keys for said garage, so I could go in and open the outer door. Mom asked why? Because I want to store my tires here, remember? I am soaked up to my knees, have no sense of humour by this point, and just want to go home and try to figure out when the day went so horribly wrong! Told mom what happened (very little reaction, and no offer of her vehicle in exchange), and then after many hikes through the snow (no gate by the garage and can't exit through the doors without setting off the sensors which halt the doors...crap...), finally returned said keys and headed for home. In the cold and snow...without a window. Tried to fix some plastic I had to the car, but by now it's too cold and wet, and nothing would stick. Not even duct tape! Wondering what on earth I was going to do, since I park outside and said snow/cold hasn't let up, I did seriously debate crying at this point. And eating...a lot!!! But instead I called my mom back, told her I needed her car (the Alzheimer's at this point makes it really funny, as mom was totally confused as to why I would need her car when I have one of my own!) and that I was coming the snow and cold. I am sure there are still drivers today laughing about passing this poor sucker without a window, who's car was slowly filling with snow! Back at mom's, more hiking through snow for keys, explaining yet again why I can't leave my car outside, and finally got the Jimmy. My car is safely parked inside, and I am now dry and warm!
And thank the temperatures here plunged to the -30C range. My car would not have survived that, and everything inside would have been stripped out!
After some calls, and worries that I would have to visit a junkyard to try and find a window/hatch, and that to pay for said window I would have to sell a kidney on e-Bay, Crystal Glass came through for me! Wednesday morning, my baby will once again be fully enclosed and for less than $400, with installation and GST. Wow! Between the tires and new window, I just doubled the value of my car! LOL!
Spent the rest of the weekend at the Epicure product launch (check with your consultant or online, as cool things coming in January!), shovelling walks (okay, hacking at the ground with sharp metal scrapers is more of an apt description!), and laying on the couch, trying to get warm. And stewing about money, which I am much better with today.
I am proud to say that I didn't eat everything not tied down. In fact, what would have turned into a food-a-palooza of chips and chocolate was relatively controlled. Granted, not the healthiest choices (there may have been a box of KD involved) but I still managed to control the cravings. And lost a bit at weigh-in on Saturday.
Currently making a rather large lasagna to package up for myself and mom & dad. Then I want to throw a lentil soup into the slow cooker, to have to tomorrow night. I'm off Wednesday for the car, so may try to do a batch or two of cookies that day. Can not believe Christmas is just over a week away.
That's it for me...sorry for the long post. Fellow Calgarians, rejoice, for a Chinook is pending and the temps should be above 0 by Wednesday...phew...survived another one!

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