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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Are you kidding me??

The forecast said flurries...the Weather Network said 'scattered' flurries and Environment Canada said flurries. They are all lying bastards!!!! It SNOWED all my back and hips adjusted at the chiropractors, and I just ruined it all shovelling again. Sigh... Hey, you bloggers down east keep saying you want snow...take ours! It's supposed to continue on through the weekend, and the temperature is supposed to bottom out at a high of -20. Oh joy! Oh well, it'll be a good weekend to get some baking done.
We're having a silent auction at work, and the engagement committee (which plans and executes all the fundraising for Christmas for our department) decided that we would donate a basket full of home baked goodness. So, there's 6 of us, and now we're each doing a dozen of something to go in the basket. Price is up to $30 so far! Last year we raised almost $5000 with the silent auction, so it's always a big deal, and we really try to have fun with it. I donated a big bag of Epicure goodies, and trainer Josh threw in 2 6-week gift certificates!!! I'm bidding on those bad boys!!!
Got home from the chiro a little later than usual, as walking was a little slower. Then met with the tenant complaining about her window (jimmied up something to hold over till the weekend, so I can run down to Rona and try to fix it right), and then came up and made supper. A little bit of a mish-mash, really. Salmon with maple syrup, brown & wild rice (horribly burned the bottom, and the taste spread through it all) mixed with some dilled goat cheese and a green bean medley. The real treat was the pecans I tossed with maple syrup and coated till the sugars hardened. Yum, yum, yum!!!! That was dessert, although I can hardly contain myself and wait long enough for them to cool down! Just lucky I didn't fry my tongue!

Can't believe it's already 8:30...I'm beat and ready to hit the sack. Think I'll veg out a bit first, and start to wind down.

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