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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Random randomness...

Calgary was blanketed in a sheet of ice last night...started off as snowballs (my favourite...makes me smile when you get pelted with the little balls of fluff), then snow and then somehow the temperature drop was just perfect enough that by rush hour (THANK GOD I walk to work!!!!), the streets were skating rinks! Roads were being closed all over the city and the outlying highways. I was going to swing by the post office to pick up the latest Epicure package, but decided that I would be safest on my couch with my furbabies!
Dinner was artichokes and tomatoes on pasta. The other night, when I made fish tacos, I only needed a half a can of diced tomatoes. But when I was opening the can of refried beans, I realized too late that it was another can of diced tomatoes! So what to do?? I drained the tomatoes, sauteed some onion, added the tomatoes and a jar of artichoke hearts (in water), some kalamata olives, oregano and rosemary. Tossed it with some whole wheat noodles and feta cheese. Nom, nom, nom!!!!
Woke up bright and early this morning for weight watchers. Even though I was going alone (H-woman had to work) and the other ladies bailed on our usual Saturday coffee, I got up and went out and spent 10 minutes chipping out my car. This did not bode well for the 11km drive! So, sticking to main drags (which were fine), I made it all the way to meeting, only to be greeted by a short hill that was still draped in I gingerly made my way down, hugging the curb the whole time, I almost witnessed a horrific crash, as car A suddenly realized that he was not going in the direction he intended, causing car B to try to avoid him and bus C avoid the whole mess!!! Oy!!!!
Was up a pound this week, but I decided that is not going to ruin my day or week. I had a good week...I managed to get back out and walk at lunch, boot camp kicked my patootee, and enjoyed an awesome Christmas party to boot. I know I will eliminate this pound in no time, so there's no need to fixate on it. After all, tis the season for excess. I will allow and forgive myself right now for any indiscretions that may come my way.
Bought a new pair of runners yesterday that I am anxious to try out. It's supposed to be a nice day tomorrow, so I think a short run will in order. I've been running with Boot Camp, but that's only for 5-10 minute stretches. I'd actually like to see if I can handle 3 or 4 km. And sweet deal with the shoes...the Running Room had a 15% coupon that is good till tomorrow, so there was $22 off the shoes. And then, because I am a member, and the RR did a member adjustment with our points (you get 'points' every time you purchase something, and then they usually send a gift certificate once every 6 months or so) I ended up with $70 worth of certificates. So, long story short, $150 runners for $60!! My kind of deal!
Tomorrow is Grey Cup, but I am sad, as my team did not win last week. I'll still watch the game, but not with the same level of enthusiasm, and therefore not in a bar (no risk of beer or chicken wings!) or even with munchies'll probably just be on in the background. I am looking forward to half time and Blue Rodeo. Mmmmm...Jim Cuddy is HOT!!!!
Hopefully meeting my great-niece for the first time tomorrow morning too, providing the drive in from Nanton isn't too bad. This will be nice for my parents though, as they will get to meet their great-grandchild. They just can't travel, and I wasn't sure how this meeting would ever happen (not like I'm getting a child-seat into my sports car!). I'm in the mood for some cookies though, so am planning on baking and taking some chocolate chip oatmeal. My mom used to bake the best, but sadly the Alzheimer's appears to have taken away her love of baking. Good thing she passed that on to her daughter!
That's it for me...dinner in (chicken pie) and couch beckons.

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