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Monday, December 7, 2009

My aching back...seriously!

Went to adjust the heat and my lower back totally seized up! Granted, my thermometer is down near the floor, on the heat vents, but still - holy crap!!! I thought I was going to be stuck down there for the rest of the night. Managed to haul myself back up to a standing position (and strike a pose of victory!!) and went hunting for the hot water bottle.
It was a brisk walk into work this morning...-26C before the wind chill. Yikes!! So on went the long-johns, dress pants, long-sleeved tee, sweater, down jacket, scarf, fleece over top of the jacket, toque, hiking boots and gloves. The real key is to get dressed and out the door quickly, or you overheat and that makes you even colder outside!! The walk to work wasn't bad though, with just my cheeks chilly. See, as an asthmatic I have a real issue with things covering my mouth, even scarves for warmth. So my neck and chin stay warm, but my face is cold. It's hard to be me!
Amazed everyone managed to make it into work this morning - there are neighbourhoods with 6' drifts out there...freaky to see pictures on the news of city buses stuck and half buried in the snow.
As we're to get more snow this week, and I'm just plain scared to drive on the roads with all the crazy drivers out there, I decided to bite the bullet (and empty the bank account) and get winter tires. Sad that they'll be worth more than the car is (my baby is 20 years old!), but I'll certainly feel better driving with them. Trouble is I have to get to the tire place (I go to Okotoks, which is about 20 minutes south of Calgary, but I like the people who run the shop) Friday afternoon, during which another storm is called for. Why can't it wait till I'm driving back, all confident with my snappy new tires?!?! Fingers crossed it holds off.
After bragging to everyone that I can handle my caffeine, I pushed the limits myself last night and lay awake, tossing and turning till 1:30. Oy...right now I can barely keep my eyes open, so I'm heading to bed shortly. Dinner in my belly (chili from the freezer, with leftover guac and some cheese on it), warm back from the hot water belly, and Advil for the pain are combining, and it's all I can do to keep my eyes open right now!
Stay warm and stay safe.

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