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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Back to the grind...

Ug...actually, can't complain. Think there was maybe 100 of us in the whole building (my department alone has almost a 80!), so was able to zone out everything and everyone and really get some work done. I've got almost 99% of month end done, and it's still technically 2 days away!
Walked over to the Running Room at lunch to pick up my race package for the Resolution Run on New Year's Eve. It's not a timed run, and this year they had to radically change the course (it got very cold, very fast, and as a result our river & ice "ate" part of the running path!), cutting it from 5 to 3.5km. If you want, you can run the second loop, but since I haven't really run since the end of September, I'm perfectly fine with doing 3.5. The swag for this run is sweet though! A $90 jacket for the $45 (??) sign up fee. And a bowl of soup...don't forget the bowl of soup!
While I was in the Running Room, I decided to put some of my Christmas money to good use and I signed up for the Marathon training, which starts January 14th. Okay...I can already hear some of you thinking "didn't she already run a marathon??", and the answer is yes. This time I'd like to train correctly. One guy at work even challenged me to complete my goal race (Windemere in Spokane, Washington) in sub 5:30 (which would shave an hour off my initial time) or I have to pay him one million dollars!!! Sure...that'll happen. The million dollars, I mean! Sub 5:30 - good goal to work on!!
I will also be returning to Boot Camp in January, as I need to reach goal weight this year. Every year I say this, and this past year was one of my best in recent memory, but come on already! I want to go to Weight Watchers for free!!! This is it! Twenty pounds...easy-peasy!
To inspire and aid with all of this, I have also booked my reminder to sign up for the X-weighted Challenge. While I personally think Tommy of Last 10 Pounds/Bulging Brides is way much more hotter, inspiration is inspiration, regardless of the source.
Dinner was pretty low key...some of yesterday's leftover turkey in a sandwich with mayo (Miracle Whip) and cranberries (dinner last night included oven roasted veggies and cranberries).
Munched on celery at lunch, with a roast beef sandwich. Although I think I do need some more veggies today...hmmm. Although my dedication to iron paid off (roast beef, Green Monster (in my Christmas present from H-woman), multi-vitamins with iron, Guinness...and more Guinness!) as I was able to donate blood tonight! Down a pint, but feeling great! Everyone should do it...seriously! Get thee to a donor clinic and's an hour of your life, and'll get to save 3 lives for the effort! Do it once, and you'll be hooked. Tonight was my 34th donation.
All right...I'm tidying up and hitting the sack...getting up at 5:30 this morning was hard, especially after snoozing till 10 every day!

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